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Parts Needed for Mercury Grand Monarch Ghia

If anyone has any of the following parts to sell, please contact Benjamin Keevil at in Toronto, Canada. My plan is to maintain my 1975 Monarch using used OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) or NOS (New Old Stock) parts.

Caliper Anchor - Right Front Disc Brake

Need Caliper Anchor, Ford part number D4DZ2B292A, for Right-Hand Disc brake for my 1975 Mercury Grand Monarch Ghia, VIN-5W37F538333. The caliper anchor broke and the broken part is as follows:

Right Hand Caliper Anchor

Good news -- we spot welded the caliper anchor instead of looking for a part.

Mirror - Passengers Side

Need a 1975, 1976, 1977 Ford Granada or Mercury Monarch mirror for the passenger's side of the 1975 Mercury Grand Monarch Ghia. The mirror is the chrome hooded type that was installed on the Ghia models and looks like:

Right Hand Mirror

A passenger's side mirror is really helpful when backing out between two houses on a narrow driveway only about 3 inches wider than the car. For driving on the highway, the original owner of my Monarch installed an after-market wide angle lens to solve the rear view issue.

Battery cables - positive and negative

Need OEM or NOS battery cables. The negative cable is Motocraft part number D20F - 14301 - AA SX and about 40 inches long.

Compass that attaches to the lid of the glove compartment

Glove Compartment

The compass screws into the lid of the glove compartment with a single screw. A sticker in the glove compartment lists the following instructions on how to set the compass. Airguide in Chicago made compasses with the same NS and EW adjusting screws.

Molded Carpets - Dark Brown

The carpet on the driver's side is worn and needs to be replaced; however, the rest of the carpet has been discolored but is OK. I would prefer to recycle a carpet from 1975 rather than purchase a new factory-molded carpet. However, maybe I should just replace the damaged 1 ft x 1 ft part of the carpet on the driver's side. The new carpet is not a priority this year. The carpet seems to be thicker than most car carpets.

Molded Carpet

The Auto Trim Supply store, at 1311 N. Westshore Blvd., Suite 203, Tampa, Florida 33607 can make a molded carpet for a 1975, 4-door, Mercury Monarch for $115.65 USD.

Parts Found for Mercury Grand Monarch Ghia

The following OEM or NOS parts were found on eBay and Miller Obsolete Parts (Tel 607-722-5371).

Rear Lamp Lens on passenger's side

Although they still work fine, there are a few chips in the plastic rear lamp lens on the passenger's side (R/H). According to the Installation Kit for Lens Replacement for 1975/1976 Monarch, the part numbers are:

However, the lens for the Ghia model also has a Mercury emblem and the part number will be different.

Windshield Wiper Blade Assembly, Arm, and Pivot Shaft with Gromets Intact.

Purchased from Miller Obsolete Parts, the NOS wiper blade assembly, arm, and pivot shaft assembly. The pivot shaft that holds the wiper arms has a main post and a small post. These two posts means that the original wiper arm must have two arms that allows the blade to turn while wiping the windows. Also, the gromets on the pivot shaft assembly (linkage) under the dash may have worn out. According to the 1975 Mitchell Manuals, the part numbers are:

Steel-belted radial tires - 195/75R14 replaces FR78-14

At a cost of about $50 USD each, all four tires were replaced with new:

According to the sticker in the rear-door, passenger's side, the tires should be:

Also, in 1975 the marketing brochure listed the tires as:

The 2003 tire size that matches the 1975 FR78-14 spec is:

NOS Cast-alluminum spoke wheels

From Rod's Ford parts in Plattsmouth, Nebraska, USA, I purchased two NOS:

Note that the part number for the existing four wheels is:

Part Numbers for Mercury Grand Monarch Ghia

Here are some miscellaneous part numbers: