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Specifications for Mercury Monarch

We were honored that Ford Motor Company selected our 1975 Mercury Grand Monarch Ghia to be part of Ford's 100th Anniversary, June 16, 2003 in Dearborn Michigan.

1975 Specifications

1976 Specifications

According to John B. whose uncle bought a Mercury Grand Monarch Ghia new in 1975 in Sioux Falls, SD, the 1976 Mercury Monarch brochure has a picture of the Grand Monarch Ghia on the cover. Also, two pages of the brochure describe the standard features of the Grand Monarch Ghia. It is surprizing that the standard powertrain in the 1976 Grand Monarch Ghia was the 250 6 cylinder with the 3 speed manual transmission; however, they were probably all ordered with 302 or 351 automatics. When John's uncle bought the Grand Monarch Ghia new in 1975 it was a big deal, because it was the only Grand Monarch Ghia sold in Sioux Falls, SD. It was a 351 V8.

The December 1975 issue of Mechanix Illustrated has a two-page article We Test the Mercury Monarch by Bob Tripolsky that lists the following performance stats for the 1976 Mercury Grand Monarch Ghia (351-V8, 2.75-to-1 rear axle):

Decoding the Vehicle Identification Number

VIN-5W37F538333 - Mercury Grand Monarch Ghia

According to the Ford Customer Service Division, this Mercury Grand Monarch Ghia was built on April 3, 1975 with the following options:

Decoding the Vehicle Identification Label

This Mercury Grand Monarch Ghia also has a vehicle identification label on the front door, lock-face panel:


According to the 1975 Dupont Automotive Refinish Color Chips, the 5Q Dark Brown Metallic body color codes are:

Automotive Recalls

Automotive Recalls and Technical Service Bulletins - for 1975 Mercury Monarch V8-302 5.0L VIN F 2-bbl, Provided by ALLDATA

Firestone FR380 Tires Specs

According to FR380 specs at Roadway Tire in Florida:

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