Frequently Asked Questions

This page lists frequently asked questions about this PinBall site.

Question 1 - What is the meaning of the site name PinBall?

Answer 1 - The name PinBall was inspired by a song written by Pete Townshend called Pinball Wizard, released as a UK single in 1976 and available on the soundtrack Tommy. It is about an expert pinball player who happened to be blind. The words are available on the site.

Question 2 - What is the purpose of this PinBall site?

Answer 2 - To provide useful information in a format that is easy to access for people who are totally blind.

Question 3 - What information does this PinBall site contain?

Answer 3 - The PinBall site contains hints on how to develop a talking web site using the VoiceGenie software, add a Microsoft Wave sound file to a web site, some advantages of being totally blind, the latest high-tech toys, and interesting places to visit. Also, we are attempting to provide the information in a format that is accessible for people who are totally blind. The URL (Uniform Resource Locator) for this site is and the site has seven pages: 1 - Tools for communicating, 2 - Visiting places, 3 - Advantages of being blind, 4 - Links to useful information, 5 - Designing an easy-to-use web site, 6 - Frequently asked questions, and 7 - Site map.

Question 4 - Who is the audience for this PinBall site?

Answer 4 - People who are totally blind (that is, cannot see anything except perhaps a bright light). Some people are "legally" blind but can still read large print on a computer screen. In Canada there are about three million people who have low vision and about 10 percent or three hundred thousand of them are totally blind.

Question 5 - Who developed this PinBall site?

Answer 5 - This site was developed as a special project in the online Quality and Production course of the Technical Writing Program of Humber College in Toronto, Ontario, Canada during the winter and spring of the year 2002. The course participants split into three teams to develop the content, design criteria, and graphics. The development of this PinBall site is an ongoing project and future Quality teams will add additional information.

During the spring of 2002, the class split into three Tiger Teams and after brainstorming some ideas made the following contributions.

Tiger Team 1 -- Jennifer (team leader), Suzanne, Myra, and Tracey - summarized the VoiceGenie talking web page service

Tiger Team 2 -- Rod (team leader), Sue, Lisa, and Chris - developed a Wave and RealAudio file that allows you to listen to a summary of the site

Tiger Team 3 -- Rachel (team leader), Laura, Debbie, Lloyd, and Randall - researched the usability of the Design page of the site.

Thanks to everyone who invested the extra time to help develop a web site for people who are blind.