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How to navigate around this site?

This site has two navigation techniques:

How was this site built?

This site was built from scratch using a text editor for the HTML codes. By using simple HTML paragraphs, lists, and headings (H1, H2, and H3) the site is easy to update. Also, a page displays in less than 10 seconds on UNIX, Macintosh, and DOS platforms using almost any browser.

What HTML techniques did we use?

The team built his site using the following HTML techniques:

Creating a Microsoft Wave file - Tiger Team 2

This topic summarizes how to develop your own Microsoft Wave file that summarizes the purpose of a site.

How do you create a Wave file?

If you want to learn more about creating a Wave or RealAudio sound file check out the Sound File Information and Research.

Tiger Team 2 of the Humber College Quality course researched and created a Wave and RealAudio file that allows you to listen to a summary of the site. Thanks to Rod (team leader), Sue, Lisa, and Chris for taking the extra time to help other people get started using sound files.

You can listen and compare the quality and download times of the two file types. The Wave file (447 KiloBytes) is on the PinBall home page. The RealAudio file (59 KiloBytes) follows.

Here is the sound file using the RealAudio technology.

[PinBall Machine] Click to hear a summary of this site (RealAudio 59 KB)

Copying a Microsoft Wave file

This topic summarizes how to copy a pre-developed Microsoft Wave sound file and display it on a web site.

To copy an existing Wave file and use it on a web site:

  1. Search the web for a database of sound files
  2. Copy the sound file to your PC
  3. Code your web page to reference the sound file. You can code the sound file to play automatically when the web site is accessed, to play once, or to play in an infinite loop.
  4. Upload the sound file and web page to your web server
  5. Test the file with a variety of browsers to ensure that it works OK

For an example of the coding to play the sound file once, refer to the source code for the PinBall home page or the following example. By clicking on the text next to the following graphic, you can listen to the sound of a pinball machine.

[PinBall Machine] Click to hear an oldtime pinball score (Wave 95 KB)