Welcome to the Unofficial Site of Rahier Patisserie

What is Rahier Patisserie?

According to a recent article in the Toronto Life magazine, the best croissants in Toronto are at Rahier Patisserie. This wonderful European patisserie is managed by the charming Sonia Rahier with her husband François Rahier baking the goodies and supported by a team of helpful assistants.

Often imitated, never surpassed, Rahier's exquisite mousse desserts, croissants and rich, delicate cookies are as irresistible as ever. Business is booming and new ideas are always appearing on the counters -- savoury quiches, truffles, pralines, more filled cookies.

Christmas 1999

Every Christmas, after opening some of their presents the people at Rahier come to work in their pyjamas!

Christmas 1999

Left to right - Sonia, Benjamin, Agnes, Carolyn, Tanya, and Kristy.

Where is Rahier Patisserie?

Conveniently located in mid-town Toronto at 1586 Bayview Avenue, two blocks south of Eglinton Avenue.

Rahier Patisserie
1586 Bayview Avenue
Toronto, Ontario, Canada M4G 3B7. Telephone 416-482-0917 and Facsimile.

(Note that in September 2004, Rahier moved down the street from their original location at 1717 Bayview.)

This is an unofficial site that Benjamin Keevil of Keevil & Associates developed about Toronto's favorite place to find exquisite croissants and desserts, the Rahier Patisserie. Last updated on October 11, 2004.