Free Online Cemetery & Tombstone Transcriptions & Burial Registers is no more

I regret that I am no longer able to continue to monitor or update this section of my website. The changes happen too fast for me to keep up.

Efforts to transfer it to another entity have failed so all links have been removed for Cemetery & Tombstone Transcriptions and also Free Obituaries Online.

It's been twenty years since I first started my website in an effort to drive traffic to my own genealogy mysteries. These have been largely resolved, but genealogy answers always yield more questions. My search goes on but without the vast time and work necessary to maintain these websites. As one person with a variety of interests and obligations, it's simply impossible for me to continue. I apologize for the sudden shutdown.

Many thanks for those of you who made use of it, who submitted corrections & suggestions for new links, who kept me apprised of the failed links that were taken over by porn sites, etc. (Yes, really!) Thank you for your queries, comments & support.

Good luck in your genealogical endeavours!
Linda MacKinnon
Nov 25, 2018

Regretfully, I do NOT have time to respond personally to requests for assistance in locating obits.

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