Found Photo #2

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Found Photo #2

Found about 1981 inside a book (perhaps one of a series called "The Doctor") in a flea market in North Bay, Ontario, Canada.   Photo is attached to a mimeographed (Gestetner duplicated?) green page of thicker newsprint, almost construction paper thickness.

It is a Christmas letter "from Thompson's Tropical Trinidad". It includes greetings and a brief description of the family's United Church ministry (Susamachar Church?) and their home on the Gulf of Paria in Trinidad. It sounds like their first Christmas there.

Page is folded to form a greeting card, with the photo attached to the front. Image alone is about 3 1/2" x 2".   Good condition.

Photo offered free to family member -- updated I deeply apologize to both of the family members who have requested this photo. I still have not located it, but hope to find at least a large-scale scan of it. I'm afraid I may have given the photo away the way I found it -- in a book. Hopefully, I will encounter it when searching for something else. I've had some good luck that way lately. A good spring cleaning in the computer room may turn it up yet! The lesson for me is to scan in both high and low resolution, and to improve my filing system as my memory crumbles. Mea culpa.

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