Genealogy Projects

Genealogy Projects

A Family in a Shoebox
What I've heard most about how one got hooked on the genealogy hobby is the simple act of an older family member dumping a pile of papers, clippings, letters, etc., into the lap of the least resisting packrat in sight. That's not at all how I got started ....

From England to Rhode Island to Massachusetts to Eastern Ontario. The Brownells were apparently UEL -- United Empire Loyalists, and are well-documented. Some of their tombstones have been removed from the "Lost Villages", the area flooded by the St. Lawrence Seaway construction, and may be seen at Upper Canada Village, near Morrisburg, Ontario.

Catherine Ida's parents identified!
The McHughs came from Ireland. There are descendants (through marriage to BROWNELL) living on the south side of the 49th Parallel today.

The MacGillivrays are most likely from Scotland, and link to the MacLeods of Glengarry, early in the 19th century. Apparently, family groups from the same areas emigrated en masse to the same region in Canada.

MacKinnon: Hughina MacKinnon's manuscript has been transcribed and is now posted.
Scotland to Glengarry County, Ontario, Canada -- the MacKinnons came directly from Scotland, early in the 19th Century.

Sikora, Smal (Smale): Help needed!
Ukraine & Poland > Saskatchewan & Ontario, Canada

Dasiuk: See SIKORA

Wetow (Vetiv): See SIKORA
Ukraine > Canada


Finland > Gardner MA > Northern Ontario, Canada

France > Quebec & Ontario, Canada. Soon to follow is the maternal line of D'Aragon dit Lafrance.
A virus attack several years destroyed my file, so it must be rebuilt from paper files. This is a big project and will compete with gardening, volunteer work and reading my piles of books...

Another Project:

Ivie /Iva (Pyles) Boyer, teacher> WV, SD, FL b. 1901 d. 1990

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  • Rootsweb's Surname Helper   Search for a surname through any or all of surname, personal, or GenWeb pages, etc., by soundex, etc. and connect to other researchers.

  • How to Find an Obituary - I'm NOT a professional genealogist and need time to do MY own research and data input.

  • Old photos of a family's trip through various parts of North America ca 1885. Images of icebergs, glaciers, giant sequoia, Yosemite, Monterey CA, etc., by ship, stagecoach and rail.
    See also Found Photos -- Family Memorabilia Rescued

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