Genealogy of John MacKinnon the Weaver

written by Hughina MacKinnon ca 1979


This manuscript is to my knowledge unpublished in any format. This does not mean that it is up for grabs. If you cite it, quote it, copy any part or all to any other manuscript, hypertext document, genealogy programme, etc., kindly retain the title and author information and the URL of this page. I have the privilege of having a copy of the full manuscript as Hughina MacKinnon wrote it and am sure she put it on paper with the spirit of genealogy and sharing family history in mind.

As best I can determine, I have replaced individuals I know or believe are still living with the phrase, [edited to protect the privacy of the living]. Should you find yourself listed here, please e-mail me immediately and I will amend the page. Under no circumstances will I divulge information regarding these edited sections to anyone inquiring.

Spelling errors (other than names) have been corrected, and the numbering system is loosely based on the one Hughina MacKinnon used. It was not consistent and not all individuals were listed in this numbered manner. The paragraphs have been altered only to clarify the family tree with a few sentences moved closer to the first mention of that individual's name. These moved sentences usually consist of marriage, occupation, location or burial information. Hughina MacKinnon's text has been retained in its entirety except for these changes and the removal of currently living individuals. The content is as Hughina knew it at the time of writing ca. 1979.

[?] indicates that the original (not an original at all, but a many-times-over photocopy of a photocopy of the handwritten original) is illegible at this point, and I've done my best to interpret the text. Underlined blanks are Hughina's own, probably left to be filled in once she had further information, but never completed.

All locations, unless otherwise indicated are located in Ontario, with many of these in Glengarry County.

The section below the double line is a bit of genealogy of a MacKinnon spouse, who may also have been distantly related to the MacKinnons. No numbering exists here, but the paragraph structure will indicate the generations and descendants.

Linda MacKinnon
March 2002

Genealogy of John MacKinnon the Weaver

written by Hughina MacKinnon

ca 1979

	John MacKinnon (the Weaver) originally came from Lochaber, Scotland, a district in Invernesshire from a little village called Corpach.  His wife Mary MacPhee also came from the same place.

	They are both buried in St. Columba Presbyterian Cemetery at Kirkhill in Glengarry County.  Their names are to be found on an old weathered grey stone.  Also his son Malcom, his wife and two Sons, one Gregor (the other I do not know) are buried in the same lot.

After emigrating from Scotland to Canada they settled about a mile east of St. Eugene beside river De Grasse.  In the early years there were three MacKinnon houses on the South Side of the river.  The new highway caused them to be moved to the North side.  The first bridge was wood, the present one is cement.  Donald and Malcom occupied two of the houses.  The family all ived there in their youth.  Later they lived at Mack's Corners on a farm, the property of Archie Jim McDonell, West of Dalkeith.  Now I am not sure in what year of John MacKinnon's life they lived there or if it might have been after he passed away of this I am not sure.  They had quite a large family namely:  Donald, Malcom, Angus, John, Duncan, Hughie, Alex, Dougald, Annie and Margaret.

	1.  Donald MacKinnon was born in Scotland in 1815 emigrated to Canada with his parents, -- married Mary MacMillan who was born in Glen Sandfield in 1819.  Where they lived when first married I do not know but later they bought a far (50 acres) west of Fassifern at Lot 3 in the 5th of Kenyon, Glengarry County.  They had eight of a family.  Donald died Dec. 6, 1911 at the age of 96 years.  Mary died March 18, 1913 aged 94 years.  Their family:

		A.  Annie MacKinnon died at the age of 21 years in 1873.
		B.  Mary  MacKinnon died in 1876 at the age of 25.
		C.  Margaret  MacKinnon in 1877 at the age of 21
		D.  John D MacKinnon in 1888 at the age of 22 years
		E.  Hugh  MacKinnon in 1889 at 35 years
		F.  Archie  MacKinnon in 1889 at 23 years of age.  All died of Tuberculosis.

		G.  Katie Ann MacKinnon survived and married Dan MacDonald, lived on the old home all her life.  They had one son John Archie.  They also lived at the old home, 3/6 of Kenyon and had one son Archie Angus who died in 19__.  In later years John Archie and Florence moved to Alexandria.  He died in 1970.  Afterwards Florence sold the farm and still resides in Alexandria.

		Katie Ann and Dan adopted an infant daughter in 1917 named Kathleen who in her late teens married L. Fraser of Cornwall.  They have six of a family who are clever.

		H.  Donald MacKinnon also had a daughter Christie Ann MacKinnon who was married to Charles Pasher.  For a number of years lived in Montreal later coming to Fassifern.  In 1913 they sold their house to W. J. MacKinnon and moved to a farm they had bought at 3 in the 6th of Kenyon.  They had one daughter 

			i.  Huetta  MacKinnon who when she grew up worked many years in the Markson store in Alexandria.  She died there in 1977.  All three are buried in St. Columba Cemetery at Kirkhill.

	2.  Malcom  MacKinnon, son of John MacKinnon lived with his parents at St. Eugene.  He married Mary MacKinnon and they settled on a farm in East Hawksbury.  They had four of a family, namely, Mary, Hughina, Angus and Dan.  Both Malcom and his wife are buried in St. Columba Cemetery.  

		A.  Mary  MacKinnon their daughter married John MacKenzie.  They lived on VankleekHill.  They had a large family of which I have only a few names -- 

			i.  John  MacKinnon 
			ii.  Donald  MacKinnon 
			iii.  Malcom  MacKinnon 
			iv.  Cassie  MacKinnon 

		B.  Hughina  MacKinnon, married Alex Andrew MacDonald, they lived at Glen Andrew where he made cheese.  They had seven of a family -- namely, Anna Mae, Gladys, Gregor, Sadie, Hughie, Gordon and Mina.

			i.  Anna Mae MacKinnon married Myles MacMillan, they had 5 of a family, namely:  

				aa)  Archie  MacKinnon who married _____ MacLennan, they live in Western Ontario; 

				bb)  Orville  MacKinnon who lives in Alexandria married to a Miss McDonell of Greenfield; 

				cc)  Wyman  MacKinnon also lives in Alexandria also married; 

				dd)  Gordon  MacKinnon, deceased.  One daughter, 

					1)  Sheila[?]  MacKinnon married to _____.

			ii-vii.  The other members of Hughina and Alex Andrews family I know nothing about, only one or two are deceased.  Gregor and Hughie, Anna Mae and Myles still live in Alexandria.

		C.  Dan  MacKinnon, son of Malcom MacKinnon, married Charlotte McCuaig after marriage they lived at Lochiel.  They had one Son:

			i.  Beatty  MacKinnon, who lives now in Western Canada, is married and has three daughters.

		D.  Angus  MacKinnon, son of Malcom MacKinnon lived on the old home at East Hawksbury, married Maud Hope.  After the parents passed aawy and the family were in their teens, they sold the farm and bought one east of Brodie where they lived many yars.  They had four of a family, namely:  Lillian, Edna, Leslie and Stanley.

			i.  Lillian  MacKinnon married to a Mr. Barnes, now widowed, living in N. Carolina, has one daughter.

			ii.  Leslie  MacKinnon,  now a widower in Raleigh U.S.A. has 2 daughters married now he lives with Lillian in N. Carolina.

			iii.  Stanley  MacKinnon,  deceased, was married and lived in Northern Ontario

			iv.  Edna,  Mrs. Clarence MacMillan lives at Lochiel in Glengarry County on a farm.  Clarence passed away in 1972.  They had two sons, Harold and Ralph.  

				aa)  Harold MacMillan  is married, works and lives in Hawksbury; has three sons, namely: 

 					1)  Robert MacMillan
					2)  Ewan MacMillan 
					3)  Allan MacMillan

				bb)  Ralph, who is Doctor Ralph MacMillan, is married has two daughters, was in practice in Toronto, now in Virginia, U.S.A.

	3.  John MacKinnon,  son of John the Weaver, married Marion MacPhee whom they called Sally.  They lived at St. Anne De Prescott on a farm, they had four of a family:  Mary, Angus, Mary Ann and Eliza.

		A.  Mary MacKinnon married John Archie MacKinnon, lived first in the 6th of Kenyon, later bought at Kirkhill, lived there a few years, then sold and bought east of Fassifern.  They had six children:  Archie, Annie, Johnie, Violet, Hughie, and Marion.

			i.  Archie MacKinnon was in the west, married, had one son, 

				aa)  Archie MacKinnon, who is in Cornwall.

			ii.  Annie MacKinnon married Roddie MacPhee, lived always in her old home.  Annie (MacKinnon) MacPhee passed away in 1972, is buried in St. Finnian's Cemetery. They had 3 of a family, namely:  

				bb)  Mary Jane MacPhee,  trained for an RN, married Robert Cameron, lives in Ottawa.  They have three sons:  

					1)  A. J. Cameron, lives in the old home, not married.  
					2)  Roddie Cameron,  also not married, working in Western Ontario.  

			iii.  Johnie MacKinnon went to BC as a young man, passed away some years ago.

			iv.  Violet MacKinnon worked as a Stenographer in Montreal, then married Charles MacDonald, who is deceased now.  They have always lived in Detroit.  They have two sons, Edson and Barry.  They are both married, 

				aa)  Edson MacDonald living in Detroit and 
				bb)  Barrie MacDonald in New York.   

			Violet (MacKinnon) MacDonald , is the only remaining member left of John Archie MacKinnon's family in this year 1979.

			v.  Hughie MacKinnon,  not married went to BC in his early years where he died.

			vi.  Marion MacKinnon, Mrs. Harold Oughtred lived many years in Quebec where he died.  They had two children, Joan and Robin.  After Harold Oughtred's death, the family came to Montreal.  Marion (MacKinnon) Oughtred passed away in 1978.

				aa)  Joan Oughtred became a dietician, married, has one little girl.  

				bb)  Robin Oughtred is in Western Ontario and is married.

		B.  Angus MacKinnon married Sara MacCallum, they farmed at St. Anne De Prescott, had four children:

			i.  Dougal MacKinnon (deceased)

			ii.  John MacKinnon, married, lives on home farm

			iii.  Dolly MacKinnon, married John MacCaskil, one son:

				 aa)  Alex MacKinnon in BC.  She [Dolly] lives on VankleekHill.

			iv.  Lillian MacKinnon married Herbert Jones.  They had one daughter, Mrs. Eric Mooney.  

			Herbert died and Lillian (MacKinnon) Jones  married Earl Meech of VankleekHill.

		C.  Mary Ann MacKinnon, Mrs. Jim Forbes.  Their family:

			i.  John Forbes
			ii.  Kermie [?] Forbes
			iii.  Etta Forbes
			iv.  Eurella Forbes

		D.  Eliza MacKinnon, Mrs. Lamb lives in U.S.A.

	4.  Angus MacKinnon,  son of John MacKinnon (Weaver) married Sara MacMillan, a niece of Mrs. Donald MacKinnon's.  She died young leaving two daughters:  Mary Jane and Sara.

		A.  Mary Jane MacKinnon was reared at Donald MacKinnon's by her Aunt, lived and passed away there many years later.

		B.  Sara MacKinnon married John MacAlpine, lived at Glen Andrew in Prescott County where he made cheese. They had five children, namely:  Eva,  Barbara,  Sadie, Archie and Irene.

			i.  Eva MacAlpine was deceased years ago.

			ii-iv.  Later they moved to Bothwell in Western Ontario where they farmed.   Archie MacAlpine, Barbara MacAlpine and Sadie MacAlpine are still there to my knowledge.

			v.  Irene MacAlpine married and lives in California, moved recently to Bothwell.

	5.  Hughie MacKinnon kept the power house at Chute a Blondeau.  A son:

		A.  Hughie MacKinnon still kept the Power house, lives at Point Fortune.

		B.  Robert MacKinnon, married, lives at Harrington, Que.  

			i-ii.  Two of his daughters lived for a time at Mrs and Mrs. William MacDonald's at Baltic Corners, 
			iii.  Grace MacKinnon lived in Quebec.

		C.  Duncan MacKinnon -- I know very little about -- only he was twice married, had 3 sons by his first marriage:

			i.  John MacKinnon
			ii.  Peter MacKinnon
			iii. Hughie MacKinnon who was lame.

		I think his second wife was a Miss McCosham.  They had a large family.

	6.  Alex MacKinnon was born in 1836.  During his young life lived with the rest of his family at St. Eugene.  He married Marjorie Robertson who was born in 1849 and died in 1890.  They had bought a farm in Bradalbane.  They had seven of a family.  Namely:  John Angus, Marjorie Alice, Alexander Robertson, Margaret, William Wallace, Mary and  Annie Christine.

		A.  John Angus MacKinnon married Annie MacGillivray, they lived on the old home in Breadalbane, his father bought a farm in Lochiel, midway between Lochiel and Fassifern and moved there.  John and Annie had five of a family, namely:  Margaret, Alexander, Alice, Douglas and Dorothy, twins.

			i.  Alexander MacKinnon, (now deceased) married Christena Fraser, they farmed close to the father.  They had a family of seven:  

				aa)  Marion MacKinnon married to Allister MacGillivray, who have three girls.  I do not know the names of the others.

			ii.  Margaret MacKinnon, married John MacMillan of VankleekHill, he was a widower, Margaret died a young woman.

			iii.  Alice MacKinnon married Willie MacLeod, they farme east of McCrimmon.  They had five of a family.

			iv.  Dorothy MacKinnon married Stanley McLAren who also farme in Breadalbane.  

			v.  Douglas MacKinnon is still on the old home, he married Margaret Allen [?].  They have a family of four.  Their names I do not know with the exception of 

				aa)  Lillian MacKinnon married to Murray Howes at Kirkhill.  They have four of a family, namely, 
					1)  Gordon MacKinnon
					2)  Kathy MacKinnon
					3)  Lorna MacKinnon

		B.  Marjorie Alice MacKinnon, daughter of Alex MacKinnon and Marjorie Robertson, born in 1873 died in 1942, taugth school many years.  She married William MacDonald of Baltic's Corner, no family.

		C.  Alexander Robertson MacKinnon, born 1876 called Alex or Bob, married Christena MacGillivray of near VankleekHill.  For a time, they farmed in the 6th of Kenyon, later bought a farm near St. Elmo.  He died in 1916.  They had six of a family, namely:  

			i.  Margaret MacKinnon, Mrs. Morrow

			ii.  Katherine MacKinnon,   Mrs. McRae

			iii.  Daniel MacKinnon married Alberta Brownell, a large family.

			iv.  Cecil MacKinnon married, no family, they lived in Cornwall.

[edited to protect the privacy of the living]

		D.  Margaret MacKinnon, born 1878, died while teaching school in Lochinvar.

		E.  William Wallace MacKinnon 1880-1955 lived at his father's in his young days, later kept store at Dunvegan for a few years, then farmed there.  Married Tena MacKinnon of the place.  They had 4 daughters and one son namely:  

			i.  Roberta MacKinnon - Mrs. Stanford McCrimmon

			ii.  Betty MacKinnon -- Mrs. Culpeper, no family.

			iii.  MaeBell MacKinnon married George Shepherd (George now deceased) they had four children:  

[edited to protect the privacy of the living]

			iv.  Marjorie MacKinnon,  Mrs. Kelly of Ottawa.

			v.  Wallace Alexander (Bud) MacKinnon, 
[edited to protect the privacy of the living], married first to Harriet Stuart, later to Marjorie Cameron, living in Alexandria.

		F.  Mary MacKinnon, daughter of Alex & Marjorie MacKinnon at home for a number of years, later married to Mr. Coombs, lived in California; had on son, 

			i.  Raymond MacKinnon, who married Helen Johnson, they live in Ottawa -- four children:   

[edited to protect the privacy of the living]

		G.  Annie Christena MacKinnon, 1886-1942, lived at home most of her life.  

	Alex MacKinnon's wife, Marjorie died in 1890 and later he married Janet Forbes, daughter of Alex Forbes and they had 1 son,

		H.  Forbes MacKinnon, born in 1893.  He married Marion MacLeod of Skye, Kenyon Twsp.  They have a family of three:

			i.  Mary MacKinnon,  Mrs. Duncan McDonald, no family.

			ii.  Jean MacKinnon,  Mrs. Alex Williams, 3 sons, they live in Montreal:

[edited to protect the privacy of the living]

			iii.   Leslie MacKinnon, married Joyce Crossland, 3 children:  

[edited to protect the privacy of the living]

	8.  Dougald MacKinnon,  son of John the Weaver married Annie McIntosh, a daughter of John McIntosh and his wife Christie MacMillan of Glen Sandfield or in the district.  She was a niece of Mrs Donald MacKinnon at Fassifern.  The first years of their married lves they farmed around Glen Robertson and McCrimmon, later buying a farm north of Kirkhill now owned by Loyd Howes.  They had nine of a family:  Namely:

		A.  Mary Ann MacKinnon,  never married, always lived at home.  Born Oct 28, 1870 -- died May 1, 1933.  She is also buried in St. Columba Cemetery.

		B.  Hughie Angus MacKinnon,  married Grace Kerr.  Grace Kerr MacKinnon went to Saulte Ste Marie several years after Hughie's death and re-married to Ed Clark.  Hughie MacKinnon was born February 22, 1872 -- Died August 19, 1972.  He is buried in St. Columba Cemetery at Kirkhill.  Farmed east of Alexandria, had 2 girls:

			i.  Mary Catherine MacKinnon,  Mrs. Gordon Anderson (Gordon, deceased).  They live at Saulte Ste Marie, had 4 girls:  

				aa)  Huetta Anderson
				bb)  Ethel Anderson
				cc)  Mary  Anderson
				dd)  Barbara Anderson

			ii.  Anna Bell MacKinnon, Mrs. Albert Lidstone also lives in Saulte Ste Marie.  They had 3 of a family:   

				aa)  Brian Lidstone
				bb)  Grace Lidstone
				cc)  Edwin Lidstone

		C.  Johnie Duncan MacKinnon, son of Dougald and Annie MacKinnon, born August 7, 1879, died August 19, 1924, married Mary MacLennan.  He farmed a few years, later drove a mail route.  They lived at Dalkeith.  They had one son:

			i.  Hugh Egerton MacKinnon who, when he grew up, worked for Imperial Tobacco in Montreal, later being transferred to Leamington, Ontario where he became Buyer for the company.  He was married to Elsie Brown of Montreal.  They had 3 daughters, namely:   

				aa)  Jill MacKinnon
				bb)  Jean MacKinnon  
				cc)  Elizabeth MacKinnon

		D.  Elizabeth (Lizzie) MacKinnon, daughter of Dougald MacKinnon, married Dan D. MacGillivray of McCrimmon.  Elizabeth MacKinnon was born August 16, 1876 and died November 25, 1903.  She and Dan are buried in St. Columba Cemetery. They had four children, 

			i-ii.  two who died as infants,

			iii.  Rachel MacGillivray, who married Duncan Clarke, farmed for a number of years at Lochinvar, later moving to Prescott where they farmed for sometime.  After his death, she moved to Brockville where she now resides.  They had six of a family, namely:   

				aa)  Lyall Clarke, married Phyllis Beach -- four children namely:  

[edited to protect the privacy of the living]

				bb)  Illis Clarke married Arnold Campbell -- no family.

				cc)  Florence Clarke married Bernard Orton, four children -- namely  

[edited to protect the privacy of the living]

				dd)  Velma Clarke married Grant Weir -- no family

				ee)  Gilda Clarke, Mrs. Graham Todd -- two boys -- 

[edited to protect the privacy of the living]

				ff)  Wilmer Clarke married Marian MacNaughton.  They have 3 sons, namely -- 

[edited to protect the privacy of the living]

		E.  William John MacKinnon,  son of Dougald MacKinnon, born May 30, 1878, as a young man clerked and made cheese around McCrimmon.  From 1907 to 1909, kept store at Dunvegan in partnership with Wallace MacKinnon.  In 1909, Aug 25, he married Hughina Cameron of Fassifern.  In 1915 he was engaged as manager of the Glengarry Telephone at Lochiel.  he was there until 1942 when the family moved to Montreal where he died on Feb. 12, 1942 [?].  They had six children -- namely:

			i.  Archibald MacKinnon,  born July 2, 1910 died July 5, 1910.

			ii.  Christena Margaret MacKinnon, born April 19, 1912, a Stenographer in Montreal for a number of years, then married Arthur Franklin of Laggan on Oct 22, 1938, where they still reside.  They have three of a family, namely:

				aa)  Arthur William Franklin,  born 
[edited to protect the privacy of the living].  He married Jean Bolton of Phillipsburg [?].  
[edited to protect the privacy of the living].  They have 3 children:  

[edited to protect the privacy of the living]

				bb)  Jean Marilyn Franklin 
[edited to protect the privacy of the living].  Married Henry Harms of Hamilton.  
[edited to protect the privacy of the living].  They have 3 sons -- 

[edited to protect the privacy of the living]

				cc)  Shirley Bernice Franklin also educated 
[edited to protect the privacy of the living].  Married Douglas MacLean of Athens 
[edited to protect the privacy of the living].  They have four children -- 

[edited to protect the privacy of the living]

			iii.  Douglas Cameron MacKinnon, son of William MacKinnon born Jan 1, 1917, died Feb. 16, 1919 of Spanish Influenza during the epidemic.  

			iv.  Marjorie Isabel MacKinnon born Sept 14, 1919 worked in Ottawa C.S. and in Montreal Dominion Bank married Archie MacRae of Kirkhill on Nov. 9, 1946.  They had one son 

				aa)  Donald Malcom MacKinnon born Sep. 18, 1947 died Sept. 16, 1973.

			v.  Hugh Allen [?] MacKinnon born Sept. 24, 1921, educated in local schools at Lochiel and Alexandria works Bell Telephone.  He married Evelyn Gilchrist of Ottawa in 1947.  They lived for a time in Montreal, transferred to Sherbrooke and later to Ottawa 
[edited to protect the privacy of the living].  They have three of a family, namely:  

[edited to protect the privacy of the living]

			vi.  Anna MacKinnon born at Lochiel Sept 1, 1924.  Went to Lochiel Public School Alexandria High took a business course in Montreal.  Worked C.P.R. Stenographic bureau.  married Rolland Evans of Smiths Falls.  They have two sons namely:

[edited to protect the privacy of the living]

		F.  Dougald John MacKinnon, son of Dougald and Annie MacKinnon born Jan 24, 1883, died Jan. 16, 1939.  Was married to Dora Boris, lived on the old home at Kirkhill.  No family.

		G.  A baby born to Dougald and Annie MacKinnon born March 30, 1889, died Apr. 15, 1889.

		H.  Christie MacKinnon born June 27, 1886, died May 31, 1908.

		I.  Archie Donald MacKinnon born June 26, 1890, died July 25, 1909.

	9.  Annie MacKinnon daughter of John MacKinnon the Weaver was a Mrs. MacCuaig and as far as I know had 4 sons and a daughter namely:

		A.  James or Jim McCuaig married had 3 daughters:

			i.  Katie Ann McCuaig, Mrs. Henry Vogan.  Katie Ann and Henry Vogan had two sons and a daughter namely:  

				aa)  Cecil Vogan, never married.  
				bb)  Arnold Vogan (deceased) was married, lived around Brampton.  
				cc)  Hazel Vogan, married.  Also lives around Brampton.
			ii.  Christie Charlotte McCuaig,  Mrs. Dan MacKirmon [?].  Charlote and Dan had one son Beatty married, lives in Western Canada has 3 daughters.

		B.  Malcom or Camie McCuaig,  have no knowledge of his family.

		C.  Duncan McCuaig married lived at Glen Andrew, one daughter, a Mrs. Leroux.

		D.  Johnie A[??] McCuaig -- had 2 sons 

			i.  Millan McCuaig
			ii.  Andrew McCuaig

		E.  Mary Jane McCuaig - married Pete Lacroix had 5 or 6 of a family.

	10.  Margaret MacKinnon, daughter of John the Weaver, married was a Mrs. Crawford.  Lived at St. Eugene.  Her daughter 

		A.  Gladys Crawford lived at VankleekHill.  

		B.  Beatrice Crawford,  Mrs. J. R. MacKinnon.  Those were her Step-daughters (Mr. Crawford's) as far as I know.  She had no family.  She did visit at her brother Malcom's, who lived in early years close to St. Eugene.  One of the duaghters was married to a Trafford who was a taxidermist.

Mrs. Dougald MacKinnon was Annie MacIntosh, was a daughter of John MacIntosh and his wife Christie MacMillan. I know very little about her family, but I think she had three brothers and one sister. There may have been others but I hadn't heard of them. They were: James or Jimmie MacIntosh, married a Miss Cameron from Glen Sandfield. They lived in Alexandria, at least when I knew them. They had 3 daughters and 2 sons, namely: Jessie MacIntosh, Mrs. Alex Smith of Vancouver, one daughter Christie also a Mrs. Smith lived in Vancouver. Lopie or Penlope MacIntosh married but I don't know to whom or where. Hughie MacIntosh, deceased. Always lieve at home, never married. Kermie MacIntosh, married, has 2 daughters, one married to Lucien Ranger. The other is married but I don't know her name. I think to a Kemp. William MacIntosh went to California as a young man. I really don't know anything about him. One sister Sissy MacIntosh who died with Annie & Dougald MacKinnon. I don't know anything about. She passed on years before I came into the family. Alex or Sandy MacIntosh married Jessie (big Allan) McDonald. They farmed near Glen Robertson, had 3 of a family namely: Johnie MacIntosh, deceased. Donald Alex MacIntosh on the home farm, married Mary Jane Chisolm -- three children: Alex MacIntosh, deceased Pearl MacIntosh Kathleen MacIntosh married, lives in Montreal. Mary Jane, his wife still on the home farm, Sandy MacIntosh is buried in Dalhousie Cemetery. Annie MacIntosh was a niece of Mrs. Donald MacKinnon of Fassifern and Annie died in the Spring of 1915. She is buried in St. Columba Cemetery as is her husband Dougald MacKinnon, and all her family. Annie MacIntosh's mother was a sister of Ronald Roy MacMillan and John Roy MacMillan of Glen Sandfield. Also a sister of Mary MacMillan married to Donald MacKinnon of Fassifern. Now my husband, W. J. MacKinnon, son of Dougald MacKinnon, never being interested in Genealogy gave me very little information on the MacKinnon family tree, so the information I have here in was received from relatives and friends of the family as I could not do any research. Hughina MacKinnon


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