Blue Matrix Energetics™ is a system of healing and energetic training that involves the laying on of hands to channel powerful, life force energy of varying frequencies and learning that you, as Divine Intelligence, are the ultimate source.  These levels of energy exist on a variety of frequency dimensions that the Blue Matrix Energetics™ Practitioner is taught to activate within themselves during healing work.  We work in a specified frequency for genetic restructuring and physical healing. Through the Merkaba, we move the client into higher states of consciousness that can be a life-changing experience for him or her. Neurological reprogramming of harmful attitudes is performed and sensory, remote viewing through the various timelines of the client is often facilitated

The founder of Blue Matrix Energetics, Aryana B. Hudson, spent years practicing Reiki healing and studying various healing modalities, and she has held positions of Director and President of the Canadian Reiki Association.

Blue Matrix Energetics™ and Quantum Mind Tech™ tools work on the physical body, its DNA and in the more subtle layers of the energy field to affect healing and re-balancing of the body, mind and emotions. It facilitates for the client a deeper understanding and clearing on a conscious level any attitude that is causing a disturbance or health ailment; thus facilitating the healing process. In this renewed state of being, clients are able to more effectively align with their creative potential and complete the agenda of the soul.

Fee:  Initial Session is about 2 hours and cost is $100. Subsequent sessions are 1 1/2 to 2 hours and cost is $90.

          For Seniors (over 65) $75 

          For children (under 14), treatment is up to 1 hour - $40

          Students 14 to 20 - $60


Following is a course outline:  

 Blue Matrix Module I

      Course fee:  $200    See class schedule below for special Fall 2014 Discounts


Blue Matrix Module II 

      Course fee: $250   See class schedule below for special Fall 2014 Discounts


Blue Matrix Module III 

      Course fee: $300 See class schedule below for special Fall 2014 Discounts


Blue Matrix Instructor Certification----A Two Day Workshop that includes: 

      Course Fee: $1,000 See class schedule below for special Fall 2014 Discounts

Certification classes for Module I, II, III and Instructor are offered at regular intervals by Sharlene McLearon, Certified Blue Matrix Energetics Instructor/Practitioner, Reiki Master/Teacher/Practitioner and Integrated Energy Therapy Master Instructor/Practitioner.  These are full day classes usually held on Saturdays and the relevant fee includes manual and certificate. There is a practicum period for each level.


The following credit cards are accepted.                     


 Please call for further information

Sharlene McLearon 519-675-2525