A testimonial – Sharlene McLearon

I feel so blessed to have Sharlene in my life. She is such an inspiration to me and is an amazing healer, teacher and mentor. She has changed my life and assisted me in understanding my true path in life and in reaching my goals which makes my body sing. She has taught me to believe in my gifts and know that the universe has a plan for me; to believe in myself and to go with the flow of life. Everything happens for a reason at just the right time. Every moment is just that, whether good or bad it’s just a moment and will pass…. Being present; Being aware; Just doing it; Believing that great things will happen; Reaching for the Stars and Following your dreams.

With Sharlene’s honesty and insightfulness, she has introduced me to many new and exciting things in the world of Energy Medicine and is a true inspiration. Her knowledge and skills as a teacher open our eyes to all of the possibilities……. With her guidance, direction, wisdom, intuition and spirit, I am so honored to be following this path." I love energy work and I love what I do”.

I feel so blessed and grateful that Sharlene is part of my life and with her guidance and direction I know that my journey shall be more fulfilling and exciting.

Sharlene, Thanks so very much from the bottom of my heart.

Peace for all of the moments of your life,

Linda Ashworth





"Living and breathing art from the light."

The painting in my healing room began to speak in unspoken words...spirit faces appeared , faces of family in the spirit world, messages from the Bible's chapter on Revelations, elves, nature sprites, druids, and all that involves the magic of our true self, the divine part of all that is. The images provided me with a heightened sense of awareness that we are not alone, our friends in the spirit world guide our every step. Sharlene's art channeled through spirit viewed through my inner eye opened up my heart and mind to our limitless capabilities. The images give our freely healing rays to all who enter its space. Thank you Sharlene for allowing spirit to enter through you so that the world can benefit from art from the light.

Linda Johnson, Kimberley, B.C.




Dear Sharlene,

I felt I had to write to let you know what I have seen in your "Reiki" painting. During daylight there are lots of wings visible, some attached to what I can only describe as fairies in children’s books.

At night it is a totally different picture. A face is clearly visible amongst the Japanese writing of the word "Reiki". The eyes are closed, lips slightly parted with. a serene expression on the face. The figure has either flowing hair or is wearing an Arab headdress. My initial reaction was that it was Jesus on the cross but I considered it impossible for anyone to have a serene expression when nailed to a cross. I have not changed my opinion, only in that all things are possible.

There is also another figure, a man on horseback wearing a cowboy type hat. His head is turned to look to the side and back and looks almost three dimensional. The horse is perfectly formed also, apart from the head.

At the time I saw the figure I refer to as Jesus I was feeling very depressed as I had relapsed into an illness I had been suffering from for seven and a half years after a six month period of feeling well. I too felt the serenity so clearly visible in the painting and found it difficult to take my eyes from it. Although I was reading in bed I felt as though I was being looked down upon and had a feeling of being taken care of. This had an enormous impact on me as I felt as though I no longer had to suffer my burden of illness alone. My spirit lifted and within a few weeks I was well again.

I am certain your wonderful painting has had a healing effect upon me. It has made me believe that it was possible to regain my health again and, in fact, that is exactly what I have done.

Thank you , Sharlene, from the bottom of my heart, for allowing me to own such a beautiful picture.

With love,

Margaret Johnston,  England




" Thanks for touching my spirit with the paintbrush of your soul; it has changed my life."


She withdrew into herself,

First painting just for one,

Then touching thousands.

She incarnated ghosts, hurt and joy

Into acrylic-canvas stories of wonder.

Sharlene paints because she must: She needs to express something from deep within herself. She hears voices that others do not. She listens urgently, and she communicates what she hears.

People feel Tao in the same way that painters feel something unique. In the process of listening for mysterious voices and expressing the wonder that comes is a magic akin to the perfection of Tao.

God bless you.


Linda Johnson

Kimberley , British Columbia




Reiki session with Linda, Tuesday Nov 20, 2001

 “At the beginning when I first relaxed into the energy, the "Blessed Virgin Mary" was looking down at me. My eyes were closed and I felt calm. Above me "She" appeared standing - "She" was a beautiful woman", face exposed looking at me, white veil and blue robe on, dark, straight hair. She had 3 separate gold necklaces on. I saw her whole body, arms reaching out, palms up beckoning to me. This vision lasted a couple of minutes. It was overwhelming! I felt nervous.  Session lasted about one hour. Near the end, the same vision appeared. This time I was drawn to the picture of the "Reiki Hands" on the wall. I was still on the table, Linda still "hands on energy". I had been crying, lots, sobbing. This time my eyes were open when the "Blessed Virgin Mary" came out of the picture and took the same position as before. Exactly the same vision as the first time. Lasted about the same time as the beginning. This time I felt calm. I have seen the "Blessed Virgin Mary" before but I don't remember.”    - Danny Murphy