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    Artist as Healer—Healer as Artist, Sharlene McLearon creates work that images art as a healing force for herself, others and the Earth. Her paintings are expressive and symbolic. Most are images that emerged from a healing dimension and in their own profound way, will lead viewers to be healed as well. Her paintings speak in “unspoken words” and open up the heart and mind of the viewer to limitless possibilities. There is more than aesthetic talent in Sharlene’s art; there is power—spiritual power.

   Sharlene has studied art in Canada and abroad-- in Paris, Florence and Chautauqua, N.Y. She was a Docent at the National Gallery of Canada in the 80’s. She had solo and group exhibitions in Saudi Arabia, Canada and Germany. The National Museum for Women in the Arts in Washington D.C. recognized her artistic accomplishments in 1993 and opened a file for her work in their Archives. Her art work can be found in private and corporate collections in over 35 countries. UNICEF, Geneva, selected her painting “Sunflowers” in 1997 and used that image in cards to raise funds in Europe and Asia. Her art can be viewed at her gallery website

   This Fall, Sharlene will be a guest on "Reclaiming The Body's Wisdom," an Internet Radio Show hosted by health and wellness expert, Mary Desaulniers Ph.D, on 7thWave Network. Desaulniers' show, “Reclaiming the Body’s Wisdom” begins October 5th and broadcasts at 12 Noon Pacific Time/ 3PM Eastern Time. The show is aimed at anyone interested in health, fitness, and quality of life.

   What is most amazing about Sharlene is that she is also a Registered Nurse, a journalist who interviewed frontline Saudi and Egyptian troops during the Gulf crisis, naval officers on a warship in the Persian Gulf and doctors who escaped the occupation of Kuwait. As well, she had been a television journalist who scripted, filmed and hosted documentaries for Saudi Arabian TV. In her spare time, she wrote poetry that has been published in Saudi Arabia and England.

  And this is not all about Sharlene. Safely ensconced in London Ontario since 2000, she has literally re-invented herself as a Certified Reiki Master/Teacher, a Master Instructor of Integrated Energy TherapyÒ and the first Blue Matrix Energetics Instructor in Ontario. And it is this latter capacity that points to the common thread that runs through all her incarnations—a powerful connection to the Universal Energy Source that comes from her innate understanding of the wisdom of the body.

   “Blue Matrix Energetics is an energy-based system of healing that involves the laying on of hands to channel powerful, universal life force energy of varying frequencies,” says Sharlene. Imagine these frequencies as a stairway of frequency dimensions leading to the Zero-Point Field. “We work in the frequency of Ultraviolet Blue for genetic restructuring and physical healing. Then through this stairway of ascending frequency dimensions, we move the client into higher states of consciousness that can be life-changing for him or her. During this process, we can bring about neurological reprogramming of harmful attitudes and remote viewing of the timelines in the client’s own life journey.” The result is a healing and re-balancing of body, mind and emotions which allows the client to come to a deeper understanding of himself or herself.

  The treatments themselves are a source of spiritual experience for Sharlene as well. “During the treatments,” she says,” I have amazing visions of Divine Intelligence working on the client to heal, using technology never seen before. The Blue Matrix moves through the body of the client showing me where there is a problem and I see them working on it to heal the area. Many times I see the body rise to the earth’s grid and get ‘plugged in,‘ so to speak, for healing purposes. During the final hand position and at the highest frequency I often experience the presence of the Divine. I feel so privileged to be doing this work.”

   How did Sharlene get involved with Blue Matrix? She was introduced to this healing therapy by its founder, Barbra Hudson of British Columbia, at an annual meeting of the Canadian Reiki Association in Toronto. More information about Barbra Hudson can be found at  .

   Sharlene’s sense of humility and respect for Universal Energy is evident in the way she sees herself as a vehicle or channel for the power of the field. However, she insists that we can all be channels. Ultimately, the power is in our hands and she would be more than happy to teach us how to claim that power as our own.

  Like her paintings, working with Blue Matrix Energetics allows Sharlene to tap into a spiritual canvas that creates healing in all dimensions. More information about Sharlene and Blue Matrix  can be found at .


To tune into “Reclaiming the Body’s Wisdom” with Sharlene McLearon and Mary Desaulniers, log onto the 7th Wave Network at on Thursday December 21 2006.. Callers are welcome during the 3PM. live broadcast every Thursday starting October 5, 2006 by calling toll free 866-472-5795 or emailing questions to .

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