See "Sources and Links" for details on dealers listed in Availability notes. Our Availability references are not exhaustive, and no effort is made to compare copies from different sources.  Some video distributors own the rights to their movies, some are clearing-houses for titles from other companies, still others specialize in public domain titles (i.e., movies whose copyright has lapsed). Since the latter are fair game for anyone with the ability to copy, many faded and cut copies are on the market. It is wise to research the company beforehand on their websites and through bulletin boards and video magazines. Luckily, many of these films are now being restored and re-released on DVD. Finally, collectors and  “grey market“  dealers sell and trade titles whose rights may not be in the public domain, but which are not currently available on video; again quality can vary considerably, and many untrustworthy fly-by-night services appear and disappear.