MALTIN:  Leonard Maltin’s Movie & Video Guide rates movies according to a 4-star “American” scale (4 – excellent, 3 – good, 2 – fair, 1 – poor, 0 – bomb). Tends to be conservative in evaluations. Unfortunately, many classic B-movies, unless legitimately available on video, have been squeezed out of recent editions by newer entries. Retaining an older copy is recommended.


SCHEUER:  Steven Scheuer’s Movies on TV and Videocassette was discontinued in 1994 after many years in competition with Maltin’s guide. He uses the same rating system and often goes out on a limb for auteurist and arty films.


HALLIWELL:  The late Leslie Halliwell’s Film Guide (now updated by John Walker) is the British counterpart of the above. He uses a 4-star “European” system (4 – masterpiece, 3 – excellent, 2 – very good, 1 – good, 0 – fair to terrible). No half stars granted. Tends to be ultra-conservative, preferring old-style Hollywood entertainment to edgier product.


IMDB:  The Internet Movie Database solicits ratings from its users, on a 1 (poor) to 10 (great) scale, and uses a weighting formula to compute the results.


OUR RATING:  Uses the Maltin scale.