lex's 2002 b-day party thumbnails

date: 12 Jan 2002
location: The Wolf and Firkin, 43 Elm St, Toronto


All photos shot with Blake's Samsung Digimax 800K camera with Lexar 16MB SmartMedia card at 1024x768. Built-in flash used. Fixed length lens, 6.6 mm (equivalent to 47 mm on a SLR camera), f 2.8.


Blake and Sandy    Blake and Sandy.
Nice hat.
Blake and Sandy, looks like Blake is about something Blake and Sandy, again.
Nice hat. Hey!
Pauline and Nancy, close-up! Pauline and Nancy.
Close. Up.
Heather under Blake's hat Heather.
My hat's gettin' around.
Lex and Heather Lex and Heather.
My hat is a flirt!
everyone! Everybody! Nancy, Lex, Pauline, Heather, Malcolm, Blake, Sandy.
Where's me hat?!
Shot by Charles Watson, innocent bystander.
Lex, weird angle Lex.
There's my hat!
Heather and Lex, profiles Lex and Heather.
Hat as cold compress.
Pauline grabbing Sandy Sandy and Pauline.
Sandy squealing in delight...
Pauline on top of Sandy Sandy and Pauline.
I think Pauline likes being on top.
Sandy, looking irked Sandy.
I'm not touching that!
Pauline Nancy, cheese! Pauline and Nancy.
Say cheese!
Lex, returning from downstairs Lex.
Emerging from the W.C.
Pauline Nancy Lex, rosey noses Pauline, Nancy, and Lex.
The Birthday Shot.
Hey, why's everybody's nose so rosey?
Blake, gone Blake.
A leetle peesed.
Blake, half-lidded Blake.
Sheets to the wind, me thinks...
Malcolm, nasty glare Malcolm.
A beer fart igniting in the foreground...
Lex and Heather, what's Heather up to? Lex and Heather.
Doesn't Heather look distraught for having skipped out on her Amnesty meeting...?
Malcolm and Blake, Malcolm seems resistant Malcolm and Blake.
Malcolm doesn't like photos taken.
Blake and Sandy, Blake's baked Blake and Sandy, yet again.
Compare to first photos to gauge beer consumed by Blake.
Sandy and Pauline all proper Sandy and Pauline.
"I'm too sexy for this pub."
Sandy and Pauline, get a room! Sandy and Pauline.
"I want you."


Images acquired via TWAIN into Fireworks 4.0 for Windows. Dragged-and-dropped into, some cropped, rotated, and scaled in, FrontPage. Autothumbnail feature used. Otherwise not retouched or colour-adjusted.


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