In the past, climbers huddled around campfires in remote, magical places and shared their aspirations, ideas, experiences, stories and secrets. From these discussions, a climbing lore was established that was passed on by word of mouth. To-day, technology has intruded as it has everywhere in society. Climbers now huddle around their PC, lap top or trusty Mac to talk to each other. From memes that spread like fire a climbing lore evolves and friendships endure.

We have developed this page to share our experiences and ideas accumulated rock climbing over the last 20 years. We welcome any comments and additions offered by others.

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"Between the five of us, there was the strong bond of the sea, and also the fellowship of the craft, which no amount of yachting, cruising and so on can give, since one is only the amusement of life and the other is life itself". 

Gaston Rebuffat