In Ontario the beautiful colors of Fall are soon followed by Winter.

"The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious". Albert Einstein

Florin "Birzoi" Brinsan climbing "Where Egos Dare", a bold grade 5 at Diamond lake. 

Photo by Geoff Brown

"Such a practice involves a break with the familiar, the routine ways of seeing, hearing, feeling, understanding things..." Herbert Marcuse

Climber Daniel Martian on lead. Picture taken from inside a cave.

"Good judgement comes from experience. Experience is most often the result of bad judgement." Duncan Ferguson

Peter Penev on Cascade falls at Orient Bay

"While ice is not really alive, it is certainly animate. It exists in an dynamic state of perpetual vibration, flux and movement. Enjoy its existence, and its safe passage in the mountains." 
Will McCarthy

Bob on Scary Pillar at Elora Gorge in thin conditions.

Photo by Peter Penev


"Security is when everything is settled, when nothing can happen to you. Security is the denial of life". Germine Greer

Photo by Peter Penev

"I was compelled to go, just as you must occasionally heave a brick through a plate glass window. Who knows why you do that. You were brought up right, but you still do bad things. It just feels good." Duane Raleigh

Photo by Peter Penev

Canadians have visited the Adirondacks for years to climb. Close to the Canadian border, many Canadians consider it as a part of Canada that just happens to be located in New York State, a home away from home.
Photo by Peter Penev

Bob climbing "Kermits Finger", at Diamond Lake, Ontario.

Photo by Cinta Bennell

"It is a superb voyage of ice and mixed. One had fun" Patrick Bérhault 

Daniel Martian on the "Runnel of Love" at Kennisis River Crag.

Photo by Peter Penev

Cinta completing the first pitch of "The Pic", an isolated classic 2 pitch gully overlooking the Pic River near Marathon Ontario. 

Photo by Peter Penev

 Orient Bay, near Nipigon  Ontario is one of the best ice climbing areas in North America.

Two climbers at the base of Obsession, contemplating an ascent of this classic line.

Bob in the middle of huge ice on the stunning "Glace Eclatante" at Orient bay.

Photo by Peter Penev

Bob on "Evil des Sens" in the Ice Palace at Orient Bay.

"Thatís the only death, the real death. Not this death when you depart the body, but being dead when you are alive, thatís the real death". Henry Miller

Daniel Martian on "Ten Per Cent Real" at Orient Bay, one of Ontario's most impressive grade five's.

Bob on Comet's Tail at Orient Bay

"Early season or new ice is often little more than unconsolidated icicles stuck together with the climber's optimism". Will Gadd

Photo by Peter Penev

A climber, barely visible, on the the amazing local testpiece "Reflection Wall" at Orient Bay.

Photo by Peter Penev

Bob on Compulsion at Orient Bay

Photo by Peter Penev

Ice farming at Eagle Canyon near Dorion Ontario. 

The ice has been sprayed with water from hoses set up at the top of the cliff. Incredible ice formations of all grades result. This beautiful area is worth a visit. 

 Photo by Peter Penev

Cinta following a steep route at Eagle Creek Canyon

Photo by Peter Penev

Bob climbing "Manifested" at Eagle Creek Canyon. 

Photo by Peter Penev

Bob at Diamond Lake, Ontario.

"If the ice is good, you donít need pro, if the ice is poor and you need pro, you canít get it in anyway" Jay Smith

Photo by Cinta Bennell

"He had that weird electricity about him - that extremely wild and heavy presence that you only see in a person who has abandoned all hope of ever behaving normally." Hunter S. Thompson

Great climber, great day! Tom Yandon on lead.

"The true mode of freedom is not the incessant activity of conquest, but its coming to rest in the transparent knowledge and gratification of being". 
Herbert Marcuse

Geoff Brown on the 
sharp end.

"There are always two people in every picture: the photographer and the viewer". 
Ansel Adams 

Looking out from inside the ice at Bow Lake.

Peter Penev experiences feelings of exhilaration and trepidation. Pitch one of "Mindbender" at Lake Willoughby in Vermont is finished but Pitch two looms above.

The Amphitheatre at Lake Willoughby with The Last Gentleman in the center and Promenade to the right.

Photo by Peter Penev

Jim Elzinga leading the first ptch of the Last Gentleman at Lake Willoughby

Photo by Peter Penev

Daniel Martian pulling over a bulge at Brule Lake, Ontario.

"If you are going to play and lose, you have got to pay the big." Vinnie

Pushing the limits on ice.
Competitors at Festiglace Competition at Pont Rouge in Quebec.

Photo by Peter Penev

Daniel Martian mixed climbing at Pont Rouge Quebec

Photo by Peter Penev

"Some stuff has to be done even if there is a risk. That's the first important thing I ever found out that I didn't find out from my mother." Stephen King

Daniel Martian climbing on ice daggars at Pont Rouge Quebec.

Photo by Peter Penev

The incredible Pomme d'Or, a thousand foot waterfall located in Quebec, lures climbers from all over the world.

Photo by Peter Penev

Climber high on the Pomme d'Or

"You cannot acquire experience by making experiments. You cannot create experience. You must undergo it." Albert Camus

Photo by Peter Penev


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