Discover a gallery of climbing images, a gallery of Ontario Climbing Images, a gallery of beautiful Thailand, photos from Mexico, photos from the Dolomites and Acadia. Also, a gallery of Ice Climbing photos.
Climbing Training
Tired of all that training? Consider your recovery! Is your balance all it should be? Indoor climbing helps your outdoor technique, right? And what about supplements? Try Pump House Training.
Climbing Technique
Did you consider your footwork recently? And we all want to be leading.
What to do when you encounter loose rock? And then it started to pour and we had to climbon wet rock! Or should we consider retreat?
What do quality ratings mean?
And I was  hungry for that route.
Readings for our arm-chair athletes.
Review of the film "Himalaya"
A rant about Everest.
What goes up, sometimes must come down: The Fall.
Should climbers be concerned with Mosquitoes and the West Nile Virus. Black Flies are miserable. All that itching can ruin a perfect day: beware of poison ivy! Read about an unBEARable Weekend. Information about  Rattler's on the Escarpment. Have you ever seen Snow Fleas.
How to avoid speed-traps.
Winter Destinations
To escape the cold winter in Canada, try climbing in Thailand. The Potrero in Mexico is not that far or stay at home, deal with the cold and climb ice. Ice at Orient Bay is world class.
Special Destinations
El Chorro in Spain gets the adrenaline pumping. The Dolomites of Italy are sublime. Exciting sea cliff climbing in Pembroke.
Local Climbing Area Information
Disneyland  Crag Route List.
It's time for Re-bolting on the Escarpment. Bruce Peninsula Routes that have been rebolted and those in need.
And links to interesting pages!

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