Monument to the Guides of Cortina.

The Third Sella Tower typifies the Dolomite walls. Huge steep and featured walls tempt climbers from all over the world. 

"I had been strongly affected by photographs I had seen of climbers on those horrendously steep climbs". Layton Kor

View toward the Marmolada Glacier with the Piz Ciavazes wall looming in the foreground taken from the top of the Third Sella Tower.


At the base of the Picollissima  an apparition emerged out of the heavy fog. It said, "Don't go up there today" and then seemed to dissolve back into the fog. We didn't go up.

 We chose to hike to the north side to get a glimpse of the famous walls of the Tre Cima, after all, the purpose of our visit was to climb the Comici route on the Grande Cima. The heavy fog completely obscured the walls. Instead we witnessed a striking contrast of a barren and grey landscape with the incredible beauty and color of the flowers.There would be no climbing here for us on this trip.

We moved lower to the sport climbing areas like the Cinque Torre, a group of towers that take on unusual forms and shapes. 

"There is nothing more surreal, more abstract than reality". Giorgio Morandi

Strangely, the Cinque Torre is made up of many more  than five towers, most of which offer classic climbing in a stunning setting.


Bolted and traditional climbs are available up to five pitches.

And as the weather deteriorated we moved to lower altitudes still, to areas like Crepe de Oucera and Sasso Dlacia, both offering excellent climbing.

Surprisingly, these areas were not crowded. In fact we shared these crags with only one other party.

The rivers swell from the storms and we move on. Perhaps next time the elements will be more cooperative.


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