Climbers often must endure long car drives to get to other climbing areas. Travel is essential for climbers to experience different rock and new routes. Along the road are many dangers, one of which are police who set traps designed to ensnare unwary drivers. They then charge exorbitant fines so as to enlarge the coffers of a nearby town.

I have been caught a number of times in their traps. Once, in the USA while driving at one a.m., I drove down a hill at about 65 mph on a major highway in an isolated stretch of road. The speed limit in this State was usually 65 mph. I turned a bend and was caught by a radar trap. Apparently the speed had been reduced in this zone although I didnít see a sign. I wasnít watching for a sign as there was no reason for one to be there. I was told that I was going about 10 miles over the limit and assessed a fine of about $200 US. 

There was no reason to have a reduction of the speed limit in this zone, other than to entrap travelers so as to raise funds for the nearby town. These people are in my opinion, like the Highwaymen, waiting to ambush innocent travelers. The administration that encourage this practice are in my opinion, no better than well-organized criminals.

However there is hope. Speedtrap.com is a free web site that contains a huge database of common speed trap zones and other highway problems throughout the world. Simply check the areas that you will be driving and learn where these will commonly be lurking.

Had I had this information on previous trips, I would have avoided 3 tickets.

Bob Bennell
May 11/2000

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