Long Tail Boats are the
Common Mode of transportation.

The boatmen are master seamen as you will discover if you travel during a storm. 

"Before the first step is taken, the goal is reached." Buddist Work - The Gateless Gate

Forest Monestaries serve to protect the forests.

Local wildlife

Giant Water Monitor lumbers by.

Hot Climber, but somewhat unfriendly.


Orange Juice follows the obvious orange streak on the Thaiwand Wall.

Hard Clip,
Hard Climb, 
Hard Climber,
Thai climber at Ton Sai Bay.

"Mai Pen Rai (It is nothing)" - Common Thai expression

Climber moving up very steep rock atTon Sai Bay.


"To Gaze is to think". Salvadore Dali 
At sunset the incredible color of the 200 meter wall right of The Defile Wall fills one with awe.

 Ton Sai Tower, Multi Pitch climbing area, at Phi Phi Don.


Monsoon Storm  creates a Rainbow.

 Happy Island viewed from the Escher Wall.

"Escape from the tiger, meet the crocodile." Thai proverb

"And do you want to be the ebb of this great tide." Thus spoke Zarathustra - Nietsche 

 Beach on Chicken Island - Take a snorkel

"It's not easy to topple a tower." Korean Proverb

Ao Nang Tower

View across the bay from the Melting Wall.

Moving up the Thaiwand Wall.

Low Tide Wall 
at low tide; expect a different scene at high tide.

Stalactite talons viewed from the third pitch of "Massage Secrets ", threaten to attack the climbing class below.

"One night in Bankok makes a hard man humble"
"One night in Bangkok and the tough guys tumble."
Murry Head

Falling climber at Ton Sai.

Difficult stem move on Kratoy.

"Form is the outer expression of inner content" Wassily Kandinsky 

Approaching Phi Phi Ley 

Fifteen meter stalactite at Eagle Crag reaches the ground and looks more like an ice climb.

Very old tree towers over a much younger and smaller woman.

Fertility gifts to the godesss of the cave left in the Princess Cave.

"Life is short, we must move very slowly". 
Thai Proverb

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