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The 8 member "S Scale Workshop" began presenting our modular layout at train shows in the southern Ontario region beginning early in 2006. The largest arrangement to date appeared at the 2007 Toronto Christmas Train Show with nearly 110 linear feet of single track modules.

We have built a variety of modules using a method inspired by the Free-mo philosophy. The only major differences are our adoption of "Anderson Powerpoles" instead of Cinch-Jones electrical connectors for the track buss, and the use of alignment pins at the interface to reduce setup time.

We are posting the current version of our specifications here for reference (please note that possession of the specification does not confer or imply any membership in the group). As we discover new and/or better ways of doing things, the specification will be amended.

In Print

The May 2008 issue of Railroad Model Craftsman has published an extremely flattering article on our group and its modules.

The "Train 16, Track 2" issue of the Canadian Railway Modeller also published a positive article (with photos) about our modular group.

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Shows & Events
Copetown Train Show
Lindsay & District Model Railway Show
Toronto Christmas Train Show
Copetown Train Show
Brantford Layout Tour (Balfour United Church)
Toronto Christmas Train Show
Brantford Layout Tour (Balfour United Church)
Hamilton CARM Convention
Toronto Christmas Train Show
Copetown Train Show
Toronto Christmas Train Show
Copetown Train Show
Lindsay & District Model Railway Show

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