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Lets now jump to the present and look at the current road and traffic situation.
I live only two blocks from King St. and perhaps might be considered biased in my thoughts.
But it has been my neighbourhood since 1971 and it deserves better political treatment.

To reduce some of the obvious personal bias, much of the wording will be taken directly from official sources.
 So lets a start our view of the current situation with a foreboding quotation from research complete in 1974:

The need for a new Highway 8 route was confirmed as a result of the first stage of this study. Without it, transportation needs by 1991 would clearly require widening of the present route through the city to four and six lanes. Failure to meet these needs would lead to severe congestions, the use of residential streets and intolerable levels of community disruption. (p. 2 “Highway 8 Review Cambridge to Kitchener, August 1974)


     Shantz Hill foundry- at Fountain Street intersection - 1949        2005 - looking southwards down Shantz hill towards Fountain St.

"Based on the technical assessment of existing conditions and the input received from the public, the primary short-term needs were identified for improving the transportation network within Cambridge. (p. 7) And guess what? Our neighbourhood wins the "improvement prize". Cut through the staff jargon, and what you get is a widening of parts of Fountain St. and King St. to 4 lanes ..... and then squeeze the increased traffic from the new lanes into the existing 2 lane roads.
1. The congestion is created by non-residents!
2. Cambridge Council has for 30 years voted down any road design that would move peak hour traffic flow to employment away from King Street.
3. Cambridge Councils have fostered the creation of at least 7000 new jobs north of highway 401.
4. BUT Cambridge Councillors have NOT constructed a single lane of new roadway to provide an alternative route around Cambridge Mills.


According to ROW "Re-urbanziation provides an opportunity to improve the social and physical fabric of a community through the creation of a high-quality, livable urban environment.

So what do residents get without  consultation:
- historic bridges demolished for auto traffic
- access to cities largest park impeded
- increased levels of noise, smog and traffic
 - increased population density
                                                       - with no rapid transit for new density

Below left is a view of the new apartment buildings situated at one of most congested intersections in Cambridge.
Smart Growth? Less than .5 km from this intersection there is "brownfield" project to create 200 housing units, with at least 260 autos ..... welcome to high density in a traditional neighbourhood.
Below right is a map to outline the section of Cambridge being reurbanized  = (population density increase)
   Cambridge Mills Map

If you read the previous page about Cambridge Mills, you will know that in 1990 Cambridge Council conducted a heritage study of the Cambridge Mills area. Then, the study was filed away and absolutely forgotten until October 2006 when Council for some strange reason (ha, ha, ha) asked for a report on the status of the study. Simple answer, is that it collected dust. But, the staff report to Council contains a critical 1990 clause dealing with the relationship between existing plans to deal with traffic congestion and our neglected and abandoned Cambridge Mill's heritage.

The original 1990 study included the following recommendation:
[3] The preparation and implementation  of a landscaping scheme having particular regard to: the anticipated widening/reconstruction of King Street; the as yet undeveloped public streetscape of King Street and Fountain Street; and the particular sensitivities associated with conserving  natural areas and the Speed riverscape in close proximity to the urban environs of Preston." (Report P-81-06, 2006)

[1] Since 1990 Cambridge Council has ignored the heritage of Cambridge Mills via the forgotten study.
[2] As described above, traffic congestion in the Cambridge Mills area has continued to increase.
[3] Cambridge Council rejected any long term planning approach (CARSS) to deal with traffic congestion.
[3] Regional Council, with no reference to our abandoned heritage, will prepare roadway construction plans for reducing traffic chaos in the Cambridge Mills area. DTNR, the plan approved by Cambridge Council will provide local fixes along Fountain St. and King St. On Jan 29/08 I made a presentation to the Regional road's committee to cancel their project E-05-004 to "improve" King St and Fountain Street ...... full copy of presentation here.  Click E-05-004 tab)

Perhaps, the neglect of Cambridge Mills was not so benign as it seems ..... deliberate?

go to for more details on both smart and stupid growth projects in the neighbourhood.