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Canadian trails that I have cycled

Victoria Rail Trail -(south  corridor) 30 km connecting Lindsay and Bethany, actually further south to Dranoel Station. The trail surface ranges from gravel to hard pack to railway ballast. Certainly not a trail for children or beginner cyclists. I use 700 x 35 tires with shocks and this was a hard ride. This is an ATV trail and such use chews up the surface ..... and leaves nice mud holes. Did not meet another person during the 25 km and there are no amenities. There are also no signs, except 50 km speed limit markers. (July 06)

In May 2007 I cycled part of the north trail from Lindsay to Fenelon Falls. Although the trail was nice to ride, the legal use of ATVs tends to chew up the surface and create mud pits. My goal this summer is to complete the route from Fenelon Falls to Haliburton, if the trail surface permits. More photos are posted on my photo album page.

Elora Cataract Trailway - 47 km stonedust trailway (rail trail) that links the communities of Cataract, Erin, Hillsburgh, Orton, Fergus and Elora

Caledon Trailway  - 35 km rail trail that links Terra Cotta, Caledon East and Palgrave. New bridge over highway #10
                               - see   for map and photos

Lynn Valley Trail connects Simcoe and Port Dove - plans and projects underway to link northwards to Brantford

Niagara Parks Recreational Trail - Walk, bicycle, run, rollerblade or wheelchair this 56 kilometre (35 miles) scenic 2.5 metre (8 foot) wide paved trail which runs parallel to the Niagara River from Historic Fort Erie in the south to Fort George in the north. Then, do the loop.

The Niagara Region bike map outlines a wonderful loop that includes numerous cities and wonderful locations. So, check out the  link to find a .pdf version of their excellent map: Port Colborne, Welland, Thorold, St. Catharines, Niagara-on-the-Lake, Niagara Falls, Fort Erie.

Georgian Trail   A 32 km rail line Converted into a Walking/Cycling trail that extends from Collingwood to Meaford. Excellent views of Georgian Bay from Craigleith and connected to the beautiful harbours of Thornbury, Collingwood and Meaford.

La Farge Trail  - a 22 km trail and road trail runs in a straight line between Gore Rd. near Hwy. 6 and Dundas. The route is paved along Middletown Rd sections. However, the road was never constructed over some of the steep hills and that is where you will find the off road trail sections. It is a fun trail, but does have significant hill sections. Runs through Westover Drumlin Field, Beverly Swamp and Fletcher Creek Swamp Forest. And the trail links to the Hamilton-Brantford railtrail at the Binkley Rd entrance, km 9 marker.
  Follow this link to my Lafarge photo album including a trail map.

Cambridge-Brantford-Hamilton Trails             for trail photos go to

Historic and environmental signs are one aspect of trail cycling that I most enjoy - trails into history

Summit station display                                       Binkley Rd entrance                                     historic water and geology info

Kissing Bridge Trail - (Ontario)  This railtrail passes through West Montrose and Elmira. For the most part, the trail provides an easy cycle through rural Ontario. But some sections were not mowed and provide a rough stony base, while the remainder has a stonedust base. Watch out for the road detour at West Montrose. Trail ends at a Grand River cliff, but you must climb hill up to the road that will get you into West Montrose. The section from Millbank to Wallenstein also presents issues. The trail is impassable just after leaving Millbank - found electric fence, steep gully and no trail mowing. But, detour eastwards on Regional #11until you reach Lichty Road, turn left. Eventually you will see the trail gate and from there it was a nice ride back to Wallenstein. Just before Wallentstein, you have  a small detour along Powell Rd to #86 and then up the hill towards Elmira to avoid the river.  Go to  for the Kissing Bridge trail photos                                             

This was a 22 km cycle, including the on-road detour and false start on the first section. Clearly some of the local folk at the west end of the trail have serious issues with the trail, despite the trail head signage in Millbank. A nifty cycle is you want to view Mennonite farms.

In the fall of 2000 we traveled "down East" to ride some sections of the Confederation Trail (Trans Canada Trail) in Prince Edward Island. Started at Elmira and rode to Souris and then rode from Morell to St. Peters. Also started at the Charlottetown Trans Canada Trail pavilion and rode north to meet the main trail......really nifty inner-city off road road facility for safe recreation... 


A fantastic view of St. Peters Bay from the trail.

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