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Bald Eagle status   update: November 2009

"An indication of the successfulness of recovery efforts for this species came in 2009 when the status of the Bald Eagle in southern Ontario was changed from Endangered to Special Concern. This is a great victory for a bird that was nearly lost from southern Ontario, although monitoring remains an important task to ensure that this positive trend continues."


  • Special signs  have been installed on two Cambridge trail gates at Moyer's Landing on Fountain Street.  We ask that you to respect the trail and park closures.
  • I have created a 1 page flyer that will provide you with bald eagle facts and viewing tips.
  • There are currently NO publicized bald eagle nests on the Grand River in Cambridge,
    As their population continues to increase, it is logical that the bald eagle nesting range will extend northwards up the Grand River Valley from the Lake Eire area
    The large nest on Fountain Street at the Grand River is not a bald eagle nest, but rather an Osprey nest!
  • But at the moment your viewing is limited to the wintering bald eagles who migrate south to enjoy the ice free fishing on the Grand River..
  • (Once again some local folk want to morph the adaptable bald eagle into a "red herring" to support their personal agendas and issues.)
  • If you plan to view the bald eagles wintering in Cambridge, then please read basic facts contained in the bald eagle flyer.

Here is a sample of the bald eagle photos from webcams at  several nests that you will find on my bird album page


above 3 left  2009 photos  new eggs in Maryland nest - Feb. 19/12 two eggs hatched at Blackwater!

            (content and links updated Feb.20, 2012)

1 Norfolk Virginia live bald eagle camera

2.   Blackwater Refuge, Maryland  plus fantastic information article

3. West Virginia bald eagle camera

4. Two nests in Oklahama, Sooner Lake and Vian ... 3 chicks at Vian

5. Iowa ..... first egg on Feb. 16/12

6.  Peter Nye's bald eagle migration and fact site





Here are some photos from the Tesoro Bald Eagle (Florida) web camera. Unfortunately no camera funding for 2009 operations.
Other photos from many other nests are shown on my bird album website:     (not updated yet, Feb. 20/12)

A contest has named them Birdie and Bogey.  In early March 08, Birdie was fitted with a tracking device.
Now, Birdie has returned from a summer flight north ..... web link below provides map updates of her trip, north and south.


early in March 2008 and both Birdie and Bogie are trying their wings.  No camera in 2009 season!

 It is now penguin summer season (Dec. 09)  nest building, egg laying and then hatching, all on webcams at the O'Higgins research station. 
Bad news is that on Dec. 1/09 winds up to 200 km/h destroyed at least 18 nests, some with eggs. Not certain how many eggs will survive.
The cameras are mounted around the German Antarctic Receiving Station. On a 2007 cruise to the Antarctic, Cathie and I had the 
opportunity to view several penguin colonies .... actually, if the wind is in the right decision, you smell them before you see them. 
Look for the pink snow.

read the bald eagle view flyer