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  The Trail Guy     (also known as   Bob McMullen)

After 33 years in a high school classroom, retirement provided time to work towards completion of tour trail system in Cambridge
as a member of
Cambridge Trails Advisory Committee from 1993 until 2010 when cancer medication side effects
forced me to resign from the committee. Life with chemo side effects is anything but enjoyable.

On July 7, 2012,  I was both humbled and honoured by the renaming of a trail in my honour: Bob McMullen Linear Trail
I very much appreciate this trail renaming to recognize my 20 years of volunteer trail work. It was always a pleasure!


Cathie and I also to travelled  in search of new and distant bike trails  
A new website has been created that presents photos and maps of travelled trails:

A third website is dedicated to local Cambridge municipal issues:
Much of the content deals with the political bafflegab related to Smart Growth and traffic issues.


ps - as of Oct. 2010 I have a slight medical problem with multiple myeloma that makes cycling a problem - no stamina or strength.
Oncologist says things are under control and we are in remission. Velcade has been replaced by Revlimid for chemo.

[2] Started a new chemo regime in Dec. 2011 using REVLIMID ... thankfully it is a daily pill.  First blood tests indicate that Revlimid has cancer under control.
Sept. 14/12  Still trying to ride the Townie as a result of weakness caused by allergic reactions - has been a bad 8 weeks and recovery is slow.
                    The cancer chemo side effects are bad enough without these other damn medical problems. (one day at a time as they say)

If it was not for the wonderful effects of the Well Fit program at the University of Waterloo daily life would be much worse. I cannot
overstate the positive physical and emotional results of the personalized fitness program that staff have prepared for me. Thanks!

Feb. 23/13   Spoke too soon. Blood tests showed IgG, Kappa and M-spike increasing above 'under control" ranges ...  cancer cells being produced.
So, in Dec. 12, the daily Revlimid dose is increased to 15 mg, decadron to 1.5 gm daily and 400 mg cyclophosphamide per week added. Side effects have been awful to horrendous. Not only can I not cycle, but walking around the block is a major task: fatigue, weakness in legs, loss of appetite, 16 hours of sleep on an average day. Worst of all, I cannot attend WELL FIT. Like a downhill spiral. On Feb. 23,  cyclophosphamide dose reduced to 200 mg each Saturday to see if it helps. Recent blood scores show IgG, Kappa and M-spike counts significantly lower and approaching "under control" levels.
May 2013: After 2 transfusions my hemoglobin scores are above 72 and the weekly cyclophosphamide dose has been reduced to 100 mg. Strength and stamina improving. Have had the Townie out several times and now working on cycle leg strength.


        This is the Electra Townie ... Euro 24D model .... cannot fall with my shakes and wobbles!
                                  thumbnail photo ... click for enlarged photo

**** Walter Bean Trail bridge over the Grand River is finally in place. ( Nov. 2011) ****

Sept. 14, 2012 official opening ceremonies for the bridge over the Grand River.


Amazing Osprey web cam - follow this link     (April 14/12) new season starts in March 2013

For everything you ever wanted to know about Osprey:  (May 5//11)

[2] One pre-cancer project involved mapping a cycle route between Elmira and Port Dover. I cycled all of the route.
All sections of the route, except through the City of Kitchener and Benjamin Rd in Waterloo, have been constructed and provide a safe cycling experience. 
Details (maps & photos) about this 130 km cycle experience are posted on

Not certain how many times I had to wear a tie during 33 years in a high school classroom, however, the ugly guy mowing a forest trail is really a statement of fashion freedom.
After all those years of being confined in a classroom with adolescents, I found happiness in working out on the trails and traveling to cycle in new locations.
The 'trail guy' name resulted from numerous people telephoning my home and asking if "the trail guy lived there." So in retirement, it has become an unofficial name.

Photo below left  is from 1998 trail mowing near Blair Road  along our Grand Trunk Trail.


                                                      centre photo at Herndon, VA on Old Dominion Trail
                                                                                                                                         right photo on Virginia Creeper trail at Abingdon, Virginia

Come and visit our wonderful Cambridge trails and natural heritage. Hike, bike, ski, bird watch, canoe, fish: the choice is yours. You can trace some of the earliest history of Cambridge and Waterloo County as you travel along the trails: Mennonite wagon routes, dams, mills, historic electric railway lines and vanished water power mill settlements. Historically, they were here first!
The City of Cambridge website has an interactive trail map:

Many more trail photos and maps are located at my new photo album website:                                          [updated   April 5, 2013

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Construction of the cycle/pedestrian footbridge over highway #401  began during the fall of 2005. In addition to linking Cambridge and Kitchener, this is the Trans Canada Trail's missing link in southern Ontario. In view of the numerous pedestrian/cycle bridges in other jurisdictions, it still amazes me that we had to argue/lobby so hard for this structure. With all due respect (not much due for sparse vision) to the powers that be and our Cambridge Councillor Millar who voted against funding the bridge - this is MY bridge and Claudette you had no vision.... only built after 6 years of lobbying: pleading, kicking, screaming, begging = advocacy

Official bridge opening ceremony occurred on  October 21, 2007.
Weather was fantastic and crowd totaled more than 500 for the day
An incredible day for advocates of the bridge .... a seven year effort.

  Oct. 5 photo

gps location: N43 23.521    W80 23.814   or find our TCT pavilion on Fountain St at Blair road, then go .8 km north on Morningside Drive.