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Walter Bean Grand River trail .... official opening Sept. 14, 2012





It has taken far longer than expected; however, the much awaited bridge over the Grand River is now in place.
Official bridge opening ceremonies on Sept. 14, 2012
This pedestrian bridge will link the Bean trail from behind the Doon golf course across  the river to the trail than runs to Doon Pioneer Tower, and then to old Highway #8 (King St.)
Part of the delay for the bridge installation can be attributed to politicians listening to self appointed bald eagle vigilantes - who ignored scientific evidence and
turned the bird into a red herring
. Sometimes politicians should vote on the basis of real scientific evidence and not simply be stampeded by the vigilantes.
The politicians will also now have to deal with the implications of the appearance of  'summertime' bald eagles in the river valley in the light of their seasonal closure decision.
It would seem that the bald eagle is longer just migratory winter visitors!  But population pressures and growth would have predicted this development!

If you have Google Earth, I have place a marker and photo of the bridge at its location. On Grand River on northern edge of Doon golf course, north of highway 401.


Moffat Creek Trail link opening: September 12, 2010


























With the fanfare of a traditional piper and Mayor Craig cutting the ribbon, this long delayed trail link was finally officially opened.
About 35 visitors joined the ceremony as well as unsuspecting residents out using the trail.
In fact the trail is largely constructed on a sewer pipeline running through the wetland. The photos indicate how well the environmental features were protected.


As mentioned on other pages,  my experience over 15 years is that trail building often involves community dynamics, it is rarely a simple planning and construction process -- politics can by ugly.Comic relief, not really, for the Moffat Creek trail provide by 2 very familiar
self deputized "agents of environment expertise". Despite their attempts to portray this as the trail that would destroy the environment as we know it, there seems to me to have been a 'political' element. Even with the last several months, they have again made unsubstantiated assertions that our trails lead to the addition of invasive species and environmental degradation. Of course they are really attacking staff planning, but without ever providing a single shred of specific evidence to identify an error. Having no accountability for one's bizarre and sometimes incorrect environmental statements is a wonderful liberty --  only in the field of local politics.So,  just to set the record straight, why not a few before shots of Moffat Creek wetland ..... that which the duo said the trail would destroy. Sorry, folks, but if you local, then you know the situation.


Trans Canada Trail ped bridge link over highway #401 to Kitchener: - 2007

The "missing link",  a pedestrian/cycle bridge over highway #401 is now complete! Construction started in the fall of 2005, with the official opening on October17, 2007.  Follow this link for a detailed account of the project and  photos.

Seems hard to believe that the merits of this bridge took so long to be accepted. Apart from being a link in the Trans Canada Trail, this bridge will provide the only off-road connection between the north and south parts of Waterloo County. If you are not from southern Ontario, you have to understand  that highway 401 is the MOST heavily travelled highway in Canada. The highway is currently 6 lanes wide, but all new bridges are being designed to accommodate 10 lanes. This single highway is the economic and transportation artery of Ontario.

A roundabout/traffic has been constructed at the intersection of Blair Rd. and Fountain St. This road project necessitated moving our Trans Canada Trail pavilion and trailhead parking lot. When cycling or hiking in this vicinity, please be obey all warning signs. Traffic volumes can be heavy at times. To reach the 401 ped bridge by heading north .8 km on Morningside Drive from the TCT pavilion.



Silver Heights Trail  (2km 2006-7)

Our newest trail in Cambridge, will eventually be linked to the trail system in the new subdivision. This will then create a 4km loop that hopefully will be linked to the Mill Run Trail on the north side of the Hespeler Mill Pond.

This trail is an absolute woodland treasure in the spring ...... thousands of trilliums blooming
But we have an issue, specific to this area .... illegal ATV traffic that is damaging the trail surface. ATVs are not permitted on any trail or park in Cambridge ..... no exceptions. So if you see one on the trail,  note the details and call the police   519-653-7700


Ellacott Landing & Brewster Trail

Building trails to link established sections of the city is a difficult task. The Brewster Trail extension runs beside Queen St. linking Brewster Trail with the newly constructed Ellacott Lookout viewing area. The primary goal in constructing this trail is to provide a safe off road link for the more than 2000 new homes to historic downtown Hespeler. The trail is now open to residents of all ages  to cycle and walk "downtown" via the extended Brewster Trail. (July 16/06)


[3]  Silver Heights Trail. In the first stage the trail will be extended through the forest buffer. Eventually a stage 2 expansion will line the northern end of the trail across Guelph Ave. into the new subdivision. More information to follow.

Townline Road bridge over highway # 401 & Can-Amera Pkwy. (spring 2006)

It required alm
ost 12 months of lobbying, but construction of the new bridge include dedicated bike lanes on both both sides and a sidewalk on the west side. In addition the to these photos, follow this link to a virtual tour of the bridge. Many thanks to Region of Waterloo staff for their work on the design of new structure. The bridge will connect existing bike lanes on both Jamieson Parkway and Ellis Road to the bike lanes along the  recently opened section of Can-Amera Pkwy.

  traffic circle sign an bike lane change            traffic circle entering Can-Amera Pkwy         bike lane exits to sidewalk for cycle use                    

Photo shows a unique feature of this project: the 2 lane traffic circle - a first in Cambridge.

New sections of Can-Amera Pkwy and Townline Road are now open. Dedicated bike lanes are provided on both sides of both roads. A wide paved "trailway" has also been constructed on one side of the roads. Both the bike lanes and paved trailway will connected with existing facilities on the north side of highway 401.  We now have safe on and off road cycle and pedestrian facilities along the entire route ... and stretching all the way to between the new neighbourhoods containing more than 3000 households in north-east Cambridge and Cambridge Centre.

    Townline Road bike lanes safety area Townline Road pedestrian and bike lane route
The west side of Townline Road now features continuous dedicated pedestrian and cycle lanes between Jamieson Pkwy and Pinebush Road.
Follow this link for a virtual tour of the now completed Townline cycle/pedestrian facilities.



Devil's Creek Trail - completed spring 2003

This 1.6 km trail runs through an significant environmental area has been almost 5 years 
in the making. You can access the trail from several locations: the Grand Trunk Trail, Blair Road and Bismark Dr. One significant feature of the project was a unique construction procedure to build the  footbridge. The boardwalk units were prefabricated and then installed on supports screwed into the ground. This technique was necessary to prevent damage to the environmentally sensitive area. Our information package contains a flyer this trail. Be certain to read the interpretive signs along the trail.

Environmental protection of Devil's Creek trail bridge     


 Northview Heights Trail - completed August 2003

Runs almost 2 km through several residential neighbourhoods.....paved all the way for roller skaters.. One mandate of the trail committee is to provide "links & loops" within the city.  The Northview Trail links residents to schools, parks and shopping. Thanks to an easement provided by the wonderful people UNION GAS, the south end of the trail now connects directly to Avenue Road.
This trail will take you to probably the highest point in Cambridge. Try the view at sunset.


Our trail counters have shown a minimum of 1700 weekly hits at a location near Cambridge
Centre. This means that the trail is functioning as a sustainable route for both recreation and trips to the mall.



 Brewster Trail is located in the northern section of the City. The trail runs between
Queen Street and Hammet Street. The significant feature of this trail is that it provides
on off road  link from to several neighbourhoods to two elementary schools. Paving and
trail markings were completed in the fall of 2002.

Brewster Trail residents on way to school  

Neighbourhood trails serve to reduce auto use and increase healthy activities.
The committee strongly believes that a network on on-road cycle facilities will serve the needs of these young riders in the future.
We view trails and bikeways as parts of the same network.

Mill Creek Trail  This 1 km length of downtown trail provides an excellent base for inline skaters between Main St.&  Beverley St.  Parking is available at the Soper Park link to the trail.  We hope that this is the first of many urban links to the riverbank trails system.
Galt Arena Gardens in the right photo is the  oldest functioning arena in the world. (summer 2001)


At Dundas Street the trail passes under the newly re-constructed bridge.


              Mill Creek flowing under new Dundas Street bridge                  Pedestrian bridge on trail in Soper Park
While in Soper Park you  can read informative  signs describing the Mill Creek  naturalization project The trail continues through the park and ends at Elgin Street.  

We had a party!   What a party!  We did it!
On August 18 Cambridge welcomed the Relay 2000
and became part of the Trans Canada Trail

            event photos  

Our dazzling red roofed Trans Canada Trail pavilion is now located at the Fountain Street parking lot. Use  exit #275 on highway #401 to reach the trailhead parking lot. 

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