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Cycle/Pedestrian bridges that I have seen

Many years ago, I realized that eventually a safe pedestrian/cycle bridge would have to be constructed over our highway 401. Unless you live in southern Ontario, it is difficult to appreciate the economic importance of this highway. At the same time, this ribbon of asphalt divides communities such as Cambridge. For pedestrians and cyclists, 401 is an obvious transportation barrier our "Berlin Wall". Thus, I started collecting photos of pedestrian bridges and now have a photos from many locations. Here are a few examples. Also have photos from Chile, Panama, Brazil taken while cruising.

On our return trip from Montana several years ago, we decided to drive Route 2 until its eastern end.  I was amazed to discover a "wide" sidewalk connected to a pedestrian/cycle bridge facility on the Hi-Line in rural North Dakota!  and in many other locations in the state!
Good golly, we do not have anything this advanced back here in the heart of urban Ontario.

                     somewhere along Route 2 in ND                                                    And the same design at Bismark, ND

ps - if by chance anybody from McLeod, ND reads this, we thank a local resident for giving us road directions.
           On a drive through Sheyenne National Grasslands I took a wrong turn, but friendly folk helped.

The nearby city of Brantford constructed a pedestrian bridge over highway 403 during the summer of 2007. In addition to this ped/cycle bridge, Brantford also constructed a ped/.cycle bridge over a major railway line on the same trail near the 403 bridge..

For those who have read my 'rants' about expensive political bridges, this ped/cycle bridge probably cost $500,000+ less than our highway 401 bridge. The difference in design represents the difference between a functional enclosure versus an "
aesthetically pleasing enclosure". What is $500,000 of taxpayer money between friends.

A Cambridge trail advocate sent these photos of the Caledon Trailway section of Trans Canada Trail ped bridge over highway #10. Since then I have cycled the trail and have more photos if desired.


Photo below left shows bridge over Highway 11, at Gravenhurst, ON.            Right photo from Northern Ireland.


And if that is not sufficient, the next bridge involves a geography location quiz. Photos taken while returning from our cycling trip to Georgia in the spring of 2003.  Can you find Pine Knot, Kentucky?

Well, Pine Knot on Route 27 has this wonderful pedestrian/cycle bridge. Route 27 is one of the "old" highways that predated the interstate system and runs continuously between Miami, FL and Fort Wayne, IN. Compared to interstate driving, this route provides you with a different view/experience. Try part of it for a break on your next trip.

And yet more. While driving to cycle on the Natchez Trace Parkway in March 05, we drove south on Interstate 94 in Michigan. Just north of Detroit, I counted at least 10 pedestrian bridges over the highway .... in one single municipality!!!








Pedestrian bridges can be simple in design, especially if cost is a factor. Bridge on left crosses I 95 near Ridgeland, SC.
Bridge on the right crosses route #98 somewhere east of Pensacola. Saw both on a trip to cycle the Natchez Trace in January, 2006.

And here are a few more examples of pedestrian/cycle bridges that I have used.


    Kissing Bridge Trail, Ontario                               Brooklyn Bridge                              Pennsylvania rail trail bridge at Ohiopyle

link to photos of the first ped/cycle bridge over highway 401 pedestrian bridge photos and comments about our 'butt-ugly' design fun.

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