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  • A request to trail builders!  Please install trail signs on major roads to help visitors locate your trails. You know where the are, but we may have trouble finding them.

  • For example, the Justus, North Bend, Silver Comet and Chief Ladiga trails have excellent signage on major routes to direct visitors.  

  • but, on a trip through Wisconsin and Minnesota,  I missed some trails despite maps from the internet.

  • Finally, never, never assume that  local residents know anything about your trails .... trust me on that one. So put up the signs and distribute maps. If you build it we will come .... and spend our tourist $$$.

I have many photos for all of the following the trails. More recently I have created GPS (.gpx format)  maps for some..  If you wish to view additional photos or maps of any of the listed trails and/or topics, simply ask and I can send them to you - free. In addition, I have started making gps maps for all of the trails. So if you want either .gpx format, just ask.

More recently, google earth has permitted gps data maps ..... here is a link to all that I have so far created:

 In addition to the general surroundings, I usually photograph construction features of trails: bridges, railings, signage, surface markings, trail amenities, etc. One can always learn from other projects. Here are examples from 4 trails. So if there some feature or aspect related to trail construction or design that you are interested in seeing, simply ask and I will search for a relevant photo to send to you.

Wobegon Trail comment box    Longleaf Trace marker     Xenia trailhead                Virginia Creeper support


Here is the summary list of trails that I have cycled and photographed. Digital cameras make it too easy to create a large photo library. To solve the problem of too many photos for the limited size of this website, a new photo album website has been created to display many more trail photos:

       Canadian trail trips                              American trail trails
                   (click on the above headings for specific information about each of the listed trails
                                       (links to my other photo website are also provided)


Victoria Rail trail                                                                                  Old Dominion rail trail (VA)      
                                                                                                             Hockhocking Adena Bikeway (Ohio)
                                                                                                             Deckers Creek trail  (WV)
Elora Cataract trailway                                                                          Mon River trail + MCtrail  (WV)
Caledon trailway                                                                                    North Bend rail trail  (WV)
Lynn Valley trail                                                                                    Natchez Trace Pkwy  (TN, AL, MS)
Niagara Parks trailway                                                                           Lake Wobegon rail trail  (MN)
Georgian trail                                                                                         Great Western trail  (IL)
La Farge trail                                                                                         West Fork rail trail  (WV)
Cambridge - Paris -Brantford -Ancaster trail                                             Justus trail  (PA)
Kissing Bridge trail                                                                                 Great Allegheny Passage  (PA)
Confederation trail (PEI)                                                                         Montour trail (PA)
Welland Canal Trail                                                                                Chief Ladiga rail trail  (AL)
North Simcoe Railtrail                                                                             Silver Comet  rail trail   (GA)
Freedom Trail                                                                                         Virginia Creeper rail trail  (VA)
                                                                                                               New River rail trail   (VA)
                                                                                                               Long Leaf Trace   (MS)
                                                                                                               Katy trail   (MO)
                                                                                                               New York City  (NY)
                                                                                                               Little Miami River trail (OH)
                                                                                                               Pine River trail (PA)