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I started collecting cards back in the days when a pack of O-Pee-Chee cards cost $0.05, came with a stick of gum and 12-15 cards per pack.  I've probably destroyed thousands of dollars worth of cards playing "topsies", "corners" and using them in the spokes of my bicycle.

Today's cards come on much better card stock, contain a photographic glossy coating and the photography is great, this of course comes at a price.  A single pack of cards now cost $3.00 and contains only 5-6 cards.  The average set has almost doubled in size and now comes with intentionally short printed cards.  Rookie's which used to be part of the regular card set, are now random inserts.  Parallel, Sub-set, Update and overpriced Specialty sets are now the norm and virtually everything is owned and manufactured by Upper Deck.

I collect mainly O-Pee-Chee and Upper Deck hockey cards, but also have an assortment of baseball, football and non-sport cards as well. I've been online since the pre-internet days of the BBS, but I'm new to the whole online card trading scene.

My current goal is to complete Toronto Maple Leaf team sets from 66/67 to today. Ultimately I'd like to complete full sets of O-Pee-Chee and Upper Deck cards from the same time frame. I've got a long way to go as I dropped out of the collecting game for several years (my wife simply doesn't understand my obsession and it has gotten quite expensive in recent years), but I guess that's where online trading comes in.

I currently have over 20,000 cards so getting all my wants and traders listed online is going to take a little while, but feel free to look around; hopefully we can help each other out.  If you see something you need or have something I want, email me at jeffATleafsfan.net.

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