Bonaccord Flat Coated Retrievers

My goal is to breed biddable, sound and true to type Flat-Coated Retrievers.

My Flat-Coats, either bought or bred by me, are extremely slow to mature physically. Breeding only happens when the girls are mature, have the appropriate health clearances, and I have room to keep a puppy.  Each generation is the foundation for the next.  Many years go into making sure that the litter will be the best possible litter I can breed and that my goal will be achieved. 

My dogs are family members first and foremost. They are titled in conformation and obedience. While I am very aware that Flat-Coats are retrievers, my dogs do not have field or working titles, or at least not yet. I do expect them to have the ability to do the job they were bred to do.



Breed Characteristics

Flat-Coated Retrievers are a happy and intelligent medium sized breed with enough energy to keep you on your toes. They love life and want to be part of whatever is going on. This is not a breed for everyone, but they are sweet active companions and if you are up for their antics you will have years of enjoyment. This breed needs to be part of the family and if left to their own devices there's not telling what trouble they can get into.

If you are looking for a couch potato this is not the breed for you.


Both the Canadian and American Societies have information booklets that you should review before choosing this breed.

To obtain an information booklet follow one of the following links for the appropriate contact:






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