So you like your boost setting but are concerned about the potential of damage?
Can you hear your engine over the 3" exhaust with the stereo turned up?
Do you carry or tow heavy loads?
Do you end up in places where less than premium gas that your car requires is unavailable?

If you just spent a fortune having your engine rebuilt or do not wish to spend a fortune having your engine rebuilt
than perhaps you'd be interested in an inexpensive engine knock monitor:

Knocksense More info here

Knocksense unit and a knocksenor (above)

   There are two ways to install Knocksense
Standalone- The knock sensor connects directly to Knocksense, independently of existing ECU and ignition control. When ordering state that it is for a standalone application so that we can supply a single ended signal cable.
Dual Use- This setup connects connects Knocksense in parallel with the original knock sensor transducer that is already in use. For Volvo and Porsche A "Y" adapter is used to tap into the knock sensor signal line. Please state for which car are you ordering because the grounding schemes are different. For other cars Write to us
The electronics sits in a tiny box under the dash. It contains an active filter that amplifies the knock signal and a comparator circuit that drives an LED which flashes on every knock event. The flash intensity is related to the knock intensity. The LED is separate from the box so that it can be mounted anywhere. The best place for it is just below the pillar mounted boost gauge. All Wiring is to the poke in terminal block on the Knocksense unit. There is no soldering necessary. The internal threshold pot can be set so that it triggers on the desired level of the knock signal.

You can order the Knocksense unit form us for $50USD plus S&H ($6 to US).
PayPal is accepted
Everything except the knock sensor itself is included.

If you have any questions, Write to us

Volvo Performance Enhancements

If Bricks Could Fly

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These are the wheel dyno results Note that along with the head, the cam has been changed from VX to V15. I have since converted to Megasquirt&Spark but Dyno tests have not been done yet.

Other work

Useful Links

Papers on engine knock
NACA Report 855 (This was not discovered yesterday)
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Wrenching with Rob By Dr. Robin Tuluie, Ph.D.
What is engine knock? Why does it occur?

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