Beach Raider

Beach Raider MK1 (Toronto)

The Beach Raider MK1 is compried of 1.5"x 1/16" square tubing for the main frame with 1.5" x .5" x 1/16" wall for the swing arm. Three wheels with 20"x1.5" tires. The wheels are aluminum with my billit aluminum front hubs and road brakes. The trike is set up with 14 speeds for hill climbing and beach cruising. The trike handles realy well and has limited flex in the front spoked wheels. The swing arm and wheels take the shock out of bumps which makes for a smooth ride. The trike is about 10lbs lighter than the original due to the lighter tubing. Seat, rear fender are a combination of e glass, carbon fiber face and polyester resin from molds. This frame is verry similar to the daily driver with modifications to the wheelbase (Beach Raider 36" and Daily Driver 40"). The photo was taken at the foot of Kipling Ave. just off the bike path at the waters edge.

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