The Carbon Trike was constructed using 6oz. woven carbon fiber and Mas Epoxy. All of the imbedded parts are 6061 aluminum with stainless steel for the steering compents. The king pins are 1" x 1/16" wall S/S welded to 1" x 1/8" tubing to acept the axles. The front wheels have 20mm. hubs with disc brakes. All wheels are 20" with Maxi tires. A little heavy but i do take it off road. The track is 30" and the wheelbase 38". I constructed the frame using pool noodles. Odd but effective as a plug. The noodles were 2.5" OD. with a snug 3/4" ID. I slid 3/4" steel tubing into the centre of the noodles close to where i wanted a bend. With one tube in each end i held and clamped them to the edge of a bench holding a radius i chose. I laminated one layer of carbon and epoxy over the noodle and let it cure. I made the crosstube, main tube and two rear arms as sub assemblies. I angled the king pin tubes (aluminum covered with one layer of carbon) on a jig and glued the cross tube to them using thickened epoxy filliting the glue joints. Similar for the mast. I laminated four layers of carbon over the ends of the king pin tubes overlaping the cross tube about 3". I layed peel ply (nylon) over the laminate and pulled it tight. The nylon dosen't stick to the laminate and is removed once laminate has cured. The nylon holds the laminte down leaving a fine finish which requires little sanding. The frame is approximately 1/8" thick to 1/4" in highly stressed areas. The seat was attached with carbon fibre and epoxy. It is a structural component of the frame. The boom was made in a similar fashion. All was clearcoated. The fender was painted green to make the trike more visable. The frame is very stiff and handles very well.



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