Daily Driver

Daily Driver

Over the last four years I have built several trikes ending at present with this basic design. I use several types of rectangular and box thin wall tubing with slight modifications of the rear swing arm. I designed and machined the front hubs, some which accept disc brakes. This particular trike has road brakes. The hubs accept 12mm. high grade bolts. The bolt on components are billit aluminum. The seat is fiberglass with closed cell foam padding. I have several seat designs and molds.

The trike handles well and is easily powered. The rear suspension is stiff which takes the shock out of bumps but doesn't deflect much while peddaling. The rear wheel is 26" with the front 20" all with 1-3/8" tires. This particular trike has a mid drive with one chain from the bottom bracket and a second to the casette. The double chain reduces the whip common on single chain drives. The trike is geared for moderate hills.

Mid Idler - Front Hub

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