Linda's Trikes


I designed the lower frame (1-1/2" x 1/16" wall square tubing) of the Storm similar to the Beach Raider and Kids Trike. I let my wife ride it and she liked it so much that she doesn't ride her Beach Raider anymore. This yellow one will stay at the beach and I am in the process of building her another one for the house. My friend Wayne has his trike for sale and now he wants a Storm as well. Keep checking the site as he has the frame in the process of being painted. (Cuda Green) I will post photos of it. The Storm has a 36" wheel base and I added a frame to accept a mesh seat. There is no suspension on this particular frame. It is equiped with three disc brakes with the fronts opperated by a single lever on the right steering arm and the rear opperates from the left steering arm. The rear brake lever is fitted with a locking pin which can lock the disc brake while parked. My friend Wayne of (B & E Cylcle,1470 Mosley St. Oaks Plaza Unit #4, Wasaga Beach, Ontario, Canada, (705)429-9888) found both brake levers. I installed an air horn to worn people of herr approach. It is loud and effective.

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