The velomobile was built using 1/2" pink foam insulation for the sides and top. I glued 1-1/2" of foam togehter to build up the front. I used polyurethene glue to bond the foam together. I added a wedge of foam to the inner topoand side joints. This gave me approximately 1/2" of thickness once the foam was shaped. I layed up two layers of 6oz. cloth with Mas Epoxy on the exterior and rolled in nylon to hold the weave down. The inner foam was then shaped and smooted with the forward section ground away to within about 1/2" thickness of the outer skin. The inner was covered with one layer of 10 0z. cloth and epoxy. The metal skeleton frame is similar to the Daily Driver. It had front and rear suspension. The floor plan (fiberglass) was shaped to fit the frame. The fenders were fitted to the inner body and floor pan. I took the velo for a test ride in a temperature of 1C. I had thin cycling pants with turtleneck and thin sweater. I was confortable. I tried it without the sweater and my shoulders were a little cool from the wind.The velo woll be fitted with a low windshield to deflect the wind away.


The vertical tube is 1-1/2" x 1/16" wall round tubing. A delrin bushing (with rebate to center the spring) is fitted to the inner upper area. It has a 1/2" hole in the center for the kingpin. The lower bushing (black) again is delrin (with rebate) slides in the vertical tube. The bushing has a 1/2" hole in it the centering it on the kingpin. The spring (Honda valve spring) is mounted between the bushings. The tapered aluminum piece is a spacer. The kingpin with lower bushing slides in the vertical tube providing the suspension. A steering arm is attached to the top of the kingpin and bracket is attached to the arm and disc plate. When tested it worked well. The rear suspension is my well tested Daily Driver-Beach Raider swing arm. The velo has a 30" track and 42" wheelbase using 20"Wheels. The velo is 74" in length, heigth 30" with 5" of ground clearance. The frame and body weight 65lbs.


The interior has two steering arms with double brake levers to operate the disc brakes. The steering arms are attached via a rod with two tie rods. The steering has no play and is verry responsive. There is no vibration. Twist grip shifters are mounted to the steering arms. The boom is adjustable with 160mm. cranckset. I mounted one idler for the chain management. The return runs through a plastic tube. The seat is a steel frame with mesh. The back is set at 45 degrees and the lower seat at 20 degrees. The electrics are 4.5 volts with LED lights. Double rocker swithches operate the lights. A mesh bag with elestic front is mounted to the side for storage.

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