Beach Raider & Sidewinder Plans

The plans are intended to give the user an idea of a basic trike design. The plans are not to scale. They were drawn in TurboCad and saved as a PDF file. The components are ones that I use in my trikes and have good success with them. I use new components on all my trikes. My trikes have travelled hundreds of kilometers without any frame failures (I am 6' x 175lbs.) My frames are elecrically welded.

There are several components that require accurate machining.

The Sidewinder plans include a seat and can be modified to fit the Beach Raider. You can fabricate a seat from tubing and cover with mesh or seat belt material or construct one from fiberglass.

Take the dimentions from the plans and lay them out on cardboard or a suitable surface. This will give you an idea how the trike frame will look once finished. You can also decide on gearing and chain management.

Beach Raider & Sidewinder

Wheelbase - 36"

Track - 30"


2 - Frame

3 - Frame

4 - Frame

5 - Axle assembly

6 - Bearing housing

7 - Swing arm

8 - Swing arm

9 - Steering arm

10 - Bottom bracket mast

11 - Brakes

Please email me for copies of the plans. I will email them to you. The plans are free and for personal use. I would ask you however to make a small donation to:

Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation, 610 University Ave, Toronto, Ontario, M5G 2M9 Canada

Princess Margaret Hospital is a leading cancer treatment and research facility. We all know someone has been affected by this disease. Thank you for your support.

Plan Sample

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