Pepper's Trailer

This is one of Pepper's trailers. I found the cage at a garage sale. The gate swings up inside the top area and it has a compartment on top for his lead, bags and bicuits. I fabricated the frame from 1" x 1/16" wall round tubing. The wheels are poly with 1/2" bearings. The towing arms have rubber bushings which allows movment while turning or going up and down curbs. I fabricated a towing arm from again 1" x 1/16" wall round tubing. The trailer tows easily and tracks well.


The trailer frame is again made from round tubing similar to Pepper's Trailer. The wheels are 16" poly with 12mm. hex head bolts pressed into the bearing cups. I machined tubes which house two 12mm. bearings. The tubes are welded to the cross frame. The bolts rotate in the housing. The box is a Rubermade unit with locking top. The trailer is small but I can get all my stuff in it to go to the beach.

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