season 13: 1997-1998


Keep Their Memories Alive

September 24, 1997
Holy Blossom Temple, Toronto

For the second year, Oasis sang 5 songs in memory of those who had passed away from AIDS.


September 27, 1997
BCE Place, Toronto

Under the huge glass atrium of BCE Place in the Financial District of downtown Toronto, Oasis performed two short sets on a brisk Saturday afternoon. The show was Ian Attridge's last.

Kiwanis Festival

February 18, 1998
Timothy Eaton Church, Toronto

For the first time in years, Oasis entered the Kiwanis Festival. The judges did not score the group, as there was no other competition in the "mature" category! The two-song performance marked Derick Hoffman's debut with the group.

Benefit at Casey House

March 11, 1998
Casey House Hospice, Toronto

Oasis performed a set of 5 songs for the residents of Casey House Hospice in downtown Toronto.

Oasis After Dark

May 29 and 30, 1998
Tallulah's Cabaret at Buddies In Bad Times Theatre, Toronto

colin with claire, catherine and geoff  susan with bob and maribeth

Oasis returned to Tallulah's Cabaret for another 3 shows under the direction of Jen Hewitt. Ex-Oasis alto Suzanne Bennett took time from her busy professional stage schedule to MC the show, and Sean Lavery contributed vocals on a couple of songs. The sizzling backup trio of Doug Scaife on piano with guest musicians John Richardson on drums and Ross McIntyre on bass kept the show hopping.


diane  derick  alan  bob  geoff
derick and geoff  sean  claire  maribeth



soprano - Catherine Dale, Diane Engelstad, Maribeth Graham, Susan Reid
alto - Kelly Baker*, Claire Swift
tenor - Geoff Gibson, Derick Hoffman
bass - Ian Attridge*, Bob Crouch, Alan Gotlib, Colin Swift
piano - Doug Scaife
musical director - Jennifer Hewitt
guest performers - Sean Lavery (vocals), Ross McIntyre (acoustic and electric bass), John Richardson (drums), Suzanne Bennett (MC)

*partial season


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