season 15: 1999-2000



September 28, 1999
River Café, Toronto

Once again this year, as part of the ArtsWeek festival, Oasis performed a free set of 12 songs at River, a cosy restaurant in the west end. It was our new musical director Heather Bambrick's first gig. The audience and Oasis had a great time despite the torrential rain outside. Doug, those synth patches were oh so fancy! Thanks go to Diane Engelstad and our contacts at ArtsWeek and River, and to bass singer Nick Holman who this time wore the Production hat too.


...more new music!

The Fall of 1999 found Oasis in the middle of the busiest season in years. There would be an exhausting 9 performances this season, and we needed every minute of every rehearsal to get ready!

Here's Doug experimenting with synthesizer patches for all the new music Heather was bringing in. We were able to try out some of the new songs in performances before our big concert in January.


The Body Shoppe

November 28, 1999
Toronto Eaton Centre

Oasis performed an 8-song set at The Body Shop at the Toronto Eaton Centre, to the delight of holiday shoppers. The set comprised mostly songs Oasis performed at River in September, with one new song. Thanks to Tony Hamill at The Body Shop, and to our own Colin Swift for arranging the appearance.


Circle Of Song
as guests of IRIS - The Toronto Women's Chorus

December 4, 1999
Bloor Street United Church, Toronto

Oasis last performed with IRIS in 1998 when both groups were guests of Forte - The Toronto Men's Chorus. This year, as guests of IRIS, Oasis performed a 4-song a cappella set of vocal jazz pieces that included 3 songs composed or arranged by women. Our thanks to Nina Darrigo of IRIS and our own Derick Hoffman for arranging our appearance, to Colin Swift for handling the introductions on stage, and to our pianist Doug Scaife for working around a scheduling conflict at the last minute in order to perform with us.


Oasis - Twisted!

January 29, 2000
The Music Gallery, Toronto

Oasis performed its first full concert in almost 2 years by doing two shows at The Music Gallery. It was Heather's first complete concert as Musical Director. Thanks go to our fabulous guest musicians, drummer Davide DiRenzo and bassist Ross MacIntyre. Thanks also to the Music Gallery crew including manager Jim Montgomery and technical guru Steve Gordonmarsh.

We introduced 8 new songs and brought out some audience favourites from years past. Claire, Colin, Lisa, Nick and Heather contributed solo performances accompanied by Doug and the band, Derick threw in some acoustic guitar licks, and Heather provided percussion. A great time was had by all.

We'd like to say we literally brought down the house, but in reality it was a new condo development that resulted in the subsequent demolition of The Music Gallery. It was a wonderful space and we're thrilled to have had a chance to perform there.

Ross McIntyre (bass)

Davide DiRenzo (drums)



Sunday May 28, 2000
Woodgreen United Church, Toronto

Oasis performed a 9-song set of secular and religious-themed music as part of a special Sunday service that doubled as a fundraiser for the Church. The performance was Brad Antle's debut as tenor.



Music To Soothe The Soul
as guests of Just Friends

Tuesday May 30, 2000
Tweedsmuir Presbyterian Church, Orangeville

Oasis performed 12 songs as guest performers at the annual concert of the Orangeville women's choir "Just Friends". Orangeville is the home town of three Oasis members: Colin, Claire and Doug. The Oasis set comprised audience favourites and some of the newer songs recently performed at The Music Gallery concert.

The audience was amazing, and everyone had a great time. Thanks to Colin and Claire for organizing Oasis' participation. We certainly hope to return to Orangeville some day.



50th wedding anniversary celebration

Wednesday June 14, 2000
360 Restaurant, CN Tower, Toronto

Oasis performed a 3-song set at the 360 Restaurant for the 50th anniversary celebration of friends of the group. Beforehand during warm-ups in a secluded corner of the observation deck, Oasis received several enthusiastic rounds of applause from tourists who thought the warm-ups were part of the CN Tower's regular entertainment.


Pride Toronto Festival

Sunday June 25, 2000
Free Zone Stage, Church Street Village, Toronto

Oasis kicked off an evening of jazz in the "Free Zone" immediately following the Pride Parade in downtown Toronto. Pride Toronto is an annual week-long celebration of Toronto's gay, lesbian, bisexual and trans-gendered communities.

on stage on pride day

Oasis was pleased to be performing again on the Pride stage after an absence of several years.


Vocal Breakout At Sing Sing

Wednesday July 12, 2000
The Phoenix Club, Toronto

Oasis joined the UK group Mediæval Bæbes, a cappella guy groups Roar and Cadence, Daughters of the Rock, Los Campensinos, vocalist Alana Bridgewater and Toronto jazz foursome The Beehive Singers in an evening of vocal magic. Thanks to Heather Bambrick for organizing Oasis' participation in this event. Sadly, this concert would be farewell from Geoff Gibson.




soprano - Catherine Dale, Diane Engelstad, Maribeth Graham, Susan Reid
alto - Kelly Baker*, Melanie Moore*, Lisa Paterson, Claire Swift
tenor - Geoff Gibson, Constance Rennett, Brad Antle*
bass - Kevin Foster*, Derick Hoffman, Nick Holman, Colin Swift
piano - Doug Scaife
musical director - Heather Bambrick
guest musicians - Davide DiRenzo (drums), Ross MacIntyre (acoustic and electric bass)

* partial season


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