Welcome to the N.Bredin Informatics home page. This site is devoted to presenting short technical essays on the tools and techniques used in developing IBM z/os based mainframe systems. For the most part these tools are: COBOL, CICS, DB/2 and WebSphere.

This site is a continuous work in progress. Things may be added or removed from time to time. The current content is:

More will be added to this site as time permits.

What is N.Bredin Informatics?

N.Bredin Informatics is the sole proprietorship of Neal Bredin. My proprietorship was established in 1991 in the province of Ontario, Canada and has been in continuous operation since that time.

N.Bredin Informatics provides systems analysis, design and programming services for development and maintenance of large scale mainframe applications. Most contract work has been for various Canadian federal government agencies and departments but occasional technical consultancies have been undertaken for non-government organizations.

If you have any questions or comments relative to this site or the services offered by N.Bredin Informatics please contact me at:


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