Rotary Emblem

OFFICERS 2011-2012

Chairman: Leonard Igini


Vice Chairman:

Past Chairmen:David Smith, 21 Chigwell Rd., London, England E18 1LR Phone (44) 20 8530 2118


Edgar Calvelo, 11 Bridgegate Way, Napa, Ca 94559-4752 USA


Paul Rosamond, Dallas, Texas, USA.

Greg Farrell, 11385 Mainsail Ct., Fishers, IN, 46038-9150 USA.


Dustin Peters

Brian Jackson

Tim Schober

Tournament Director: Brian Clark, 33 Thomas Ave., Tillsonburg, Ont., Canada N4G 5K8

email: ). Brian Jackson, Europe. Holme Farm, Main street, Malham, Skipton, N. Yorkshire BD23 4DA England.

Games Annotator: Brian Clark, 33 Thomas Ave., Tillsonburg, Ont., Canada N4G 5K8


Chessarian Editor and Games Recorder: Edgar Calvelo


Registrations and Game Requests

To Register: send name, address, Rotary Club and Classification to David Smith, Edgar Calvelo or one of the Regional Chairmen. Voluntary dues are US $25.00 per year.

To request new opponents, contact Brian, David, Edgar, or one of the Regional Chairmen. Please state whether your level of chess skill is advanced, intermediate or beginner so appropriate opponents can be assigned.

Send games results to Edgar Calvelo.

E-mail Addresses

A group of ICFR members have asked to play chess by e-mail. So in response to the demand the addresses were requested through The Chessarian for the e-mail addresses of current members. The following is the result of the inquiry:

(Click on the name to start an e-mail from your browser)

Past Chairman Wayne Tolbert, Tenessee

Maurice Alberny, France

Steve Alexis, USA

John Barrow

Roger Bertuli, France

John Cabrera

Edgar Calvelo, California

Brian Clark, Canada

Jacob Castroll

John Corney

Joseph Dino

Greg Farrell, Indiana

Leonard Igini

Frank Goedert, Luxembourg

Dwight Jewell

Giulio Koch

Ian McDonald

Mike Mogano

Jonathan Nicholas

Ed Waldes, Canada

Andre Hariman, Australia

John Quigley

Pierangelo Passarini

David Pfeiffer

Mike Riddle

Rudie Tjong

Brian Jackson

David Smith

Qumruzzaman Khan Tipo

Omobolanie Oyebade

Ted Deyo II

Pedrito Condeno

John Cabrera

John Cabrera business

John Buckley

John Dracup

Mike Foust

Isabel Valdez de Escala

P.R.Venkattesh (Venky)

John Walker

Jim Klodosky

Thomas Drendel

Geetha Balvannanathan