Who is Si! ?



Founded by Eva Maria Martinez, Si! Everything Spanish is a Canadian company created to provide translation services and cultural consulting to companies and individuals conducting business in Spanish-speaking countries.


Born in Barcelona, Spain, Eva is very much in touch with her roots and has a special interest in sharing her love of Spain with others.As such, the company is also well poised to provide personalized consulting services for those interested in entertaining with a Spanish flare.


Eva has a thorough understanding of the unique business etiquette and protocols practiced by Latin Americans.While serving in Canadaís Air Force for thirteen years and through her personal travels, Eva has gained tremendous exposure to the countries of Latin America and its people.She knows first hand just how different the culture in the southern hemisphere really is.She has translated and provided interpretation services for senior military officials during high level conferences and extremely confidential bilateral discussions.A graduate of the Royal Military College of Canada, she has also been called upon to address the integration of female cadets into the military schools of Guatemala and Chile and has done many public speaking engagements and interviews detailing her experiences.


Eva participated in the United Nations mission in Guatemala as Canadaís first and to date only female military observer where she was instrumental in disarming the combatants of the URNG in preparation for their reintegration into society as part of the Firm and Lasting Peace Agreement signed in December 1996.


Her credentials, experiences, professionalism, and enthusiasm are impressive.






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