Okay, this isn't really a brush with greatness... maybe it's an annoyance of greatness.

I went to the Jennifer Beals tribute at Cinequest: The San Jose Film Festival. They were honoring her for her independent works. No, not Flashdance, but Twilight of the Golds and In The Soup, etc.

I had tripped going into the screening and had sprained my ankle. I didn't think it was that bad and had put ice on it, so I thought I was okay.

After the screening, I realized that my ankle had swollen to three times its normal size and I could barely hobble out of the theatre. When I tried to get to the escalators and elevator, the way was blocked by THE THRONGS OF ADMIRERS TRYING TO GET JENNIFER'S AUTOGRAPH.

I wasn't sure whether to laugh or cry. Talk about star fuckers. Puh-leeze.

I tried getting past, but three people kicked my ankle and I did not want to cry out in the lobby. However, I did grab my friend's wrist when I got kicked and HE cried out because I nearly crushed his forearm with my grip.

I had to hobble down three flights of stairs, because Jennifer's "star power" blocked any other exit.

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