It all began on 26 March 2004. My partner, Tim, and I were about to begin our first vacation in more than two years. We were on a plane from Toronto to Miami bound for Cancun and a two week tour of Mayan ruins. I knew that the odds of our plane crashing was extremely remote given that half the cast of Queer As Folk was on board. I mean, how often do you hear about half a television show being wiped out like that?

For the record, I hate Queer As Folk. I think it's a terrible show. I watched for one and a half seasons and then couldn't stand it any more. The acting is good, but the writing is bad and I hated almost all of the characters--especially that blond kid who I just want to punch out. Queer As Folk has set back gay rights a decade. Leather-clad characters have sex in public orgies (there is no gay bar in the world like that--and certainly not in Pittsburgh) and, when they emerge into daylight, they're so obnoxious and self-absorbed your hand can't help but reach for the remote control. Two of the show's main characters, Brian and the blond kid (again), have got to be the most contemptible characters ever on television. I couldn't take it any more.

But that's not to say that I'm not somewhat amazed by a celebrity sighting. I'm only human.

Here is who was on the plane with me:

Juicy tidbits? Well, I don't know about that, but here are some random observations:

So there you have it. My Queer As Folk BRUSH WITH GREATNESS.

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