Karen's Brushes

My ex boyfriends family has a cottage on a lake near Kingston, Ontario….right on that same lake Dan Akroyd has a cottage (mansion) also….we made a few trips up the lake and parked the boat outside of his place until one of his assistants asked us (nicely) to leave) …of course we did…Some NHL’ers and other famous people also have luxury cottages on that lake too.

My good friend of many years swears to this day that the late River Phoenix (RIP Riv!) hung out with her and her siblings ~ back when they were kids ~ at her families cottage once while he was staying with people at a different cottage on the same lake in North Eastern Ontario. She says she has pictures somewhere….I’ll have to bug her for them….

My two friends and I had tickets to see David Usher ~ the lead singer of the Canadian band ‘Moist’. Halfway through the show, a handful of us were invited to come and SIT ON THE STAGE while he performed…my friend was lucky enough to have him brush the back of her head with his cute butt when he was turned to sing to someone else. :P

[Editor's note: In one of my rare brushes I also met David Usher. I was in the waiting for my plane from New York back to Toronto (I'd been at a Van Gogh drawings exhibition) and I saw him and started talking. Very nice guy. He was getting on an earlier flight to Toronto than I was so I said "I'm a very important person. Please let me take your place on this earlier flight." He laughed and replied "Sorry! I have to get to a rehearsal in Toronto!"]

While waitressing at a local club when I was 19… a well known band at the time – the Four Horsemen – were performing the night I was working, so throughout the evening some guy was constantly hounding my fellow waitresses for my number…. Then it turns out to be the Bass player for the band. Woot!

When my mother was a hairdresser back in the ‘60’s in England….one of her fellow beauticians in the salon was the Aunt to one of the band members of the ‘Kinks’.

My Aunt has met Burton Cummings from the ‘Guess Who’ on two separate occasions…and has 2 great photos to prove it.


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