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Mats Grindal from Sweden writes:

From the top of my head I think that the number of curses in the Swedish versions of the books, are a lot fewer than the ones listed on your page. Maybe the translators weren't that imaginative?

However, Haddock's absolute favourite curse in Swedish is: "Anfäkta och anamma". Everyone in Sweden, who has ever read Tintin would immediately think of Haddock when this curse is mentioned, since this curse is used often and uniquely by Haddock.

According to my ethymological dictionary, ANFAKTA came to Swedish around 1650 from the German word "anfechten". The original meaning is to "attack" but the contemporary meaning of the word is "continously worry or torture [the soul]".

OCH, simply means "and".

Finally, ANAMMA is a ancient Swedish word, but again realted to German and the words "annamen" and "annehmen" meaning "to receive". In Swedish "Anamma" has been used as an interjection (in curses) since around 1850 in the meaning "to call upon" somebody. One of the most practised Swedish curses (outside of Tintin) is "Fan anamma" where "Fan" is another name of the devil, transforming the curse into a call for the devil.

So my own free interpretation of Haddock's "Anfakta och anamma" would be "To summon the devil to continously tourture the soul of the cursed person".

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