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From Glenn Evans

My favourite all-time Haddockism isn't a scream or expletive it is, in fact, one of Haddock's wonderful uses of sarcasm. In The Red Sea Sharks, when the castaways are taken aboard the Marquis' luxury yacht, Bianca Castafiore - as usual - gets Haddock's name wrong. She refers to him as 'Captain Harrock', to which Haddock responds

'Harrock 'n roll, signora Castoroili, Harrock 'n roll'.

Given Haddock's usual penchant for temper, this is a wonderfully restrained and sarcastic response and the look on Tintin's face is priceless. Not only does he turn her mistake back on her but he also gets a dig in by deliberately getting her name wrong.

I'm also very fond of the way Abdullah turns Haddock's Haddockism's back on him earlier in the book when he continually calls him 'blistering barnacles', much to Haddock's annoyance. After Haddock slips on the stairs, Abdullah gleefully cries 'Again, Blistering Barnacles, fall downstairs again.' It's become a mantra in my family - if anyone slips over a rug, bumps into a door, falls on the steps - whatever - they'll be greeted with a chorus of 'AGAIN BLISTERING BARNACLES, FALL DOWNSTAIRS AGAIN.'

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