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From Glenn Evans

Here's my research into Castafiore's messing up of Haddock's name however, I'm a little confused about the chronology. According to my knowledge, they meet for the first time in The Calculus Affair in the dressing room of the Opera House, then again, briefly, in The Red Sea Sharks, then there's The Castafiore Emerald and a final reunion at the end of Picarros. But, way back in The Seven Crystal Balls when Tintin and Haddock watch her performing, Tintin says 'she seems to follow us around' (Page 11) which implies that she has met BOTH of them before. But assuming that Tintin may have been referring to just himself and Snowy, here we go .... (page numbers in brackets).

Castafiore's first meeting with Haddock is in The Calculus Affair, (53) when she says to Tintin 'So you've come to congratulate me with this ... this fisherman ... Mr? .. Mr? which a confused Haddock replies 'Er me, Haddock' - thus setting the scene for all future encounters.

Castafiore then calls him Mr. Paddock.

In The Red Sea Sharks she calls him Padlock ... Then corrects herself to Harrock. (40)

The Castafiore Emerald provides rich pickings as the two inter-react for much of the book. She calls him Captain Bartok (in a telegram)(6), Captain Fatstock (8), Captain Drydock (9), Captain Hopscotch (10), Captain Stopcock (10), Captain Hammock (21) (the name also appears in Paris-Flash magazine as a result (27)), Captain Havoc (23), Captain Paddock (which counts as a separate entry because the first time she called him Mr Paddock) (22), Captain Maggot (24), Captain Bootblack (28), Captain Bedsock (34), Captain Padlock (again) (55), Captain Hatbox (56) and Captain Stockpot (56).

Two removalists deliver her piano and ask if the house belongs to 'Halibut' (17). This counts because although we don't hear her say it, she obviously said it, off-screen so to speak, to the removal company.

Just as an aside, she also calls Jolyon Wagg 'Mr Bag' (17), 'Mr Swag' (38), and 'Mr Sag' (24). Not to mention the butler becoming Chester (43) and Hector (57) and Calculus as Professor Candyfloss (43).

In her final appearance, in Tintin and the Picarros she has only a cameo role but still manages to slip in one 'Captain Hemlock' (61).

Counting the Padlocks separately, as they appear in two different books, that makes a total of 19 erzatz-Haddocks, three Waggs, two Nestors and a Calculus. She doesn't seem to have any trouble with Tintin and is usually too self-important to call the Thompsons anything.

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